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Dorman FAT - Famous People (Pages 2-3)


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American baseball player who broke Babe Ruth's career homerun record.
Aaron, Hank.
American baseball player who finished his career with 755 home runs and 2,297 RBIs.
Aaron, Hank.
French philosopher regarded as the founder of the University of Paris.
Abelard, Peter.
French philosopher who wrote _Si_et_Non_.
Abelard, Peter.
French philosopher known for his love affair with Heloise.
Abelard, Peter.
American civil rights leader who succeeded Martin Luther King, Jr. as leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference after King's assasination.
Abernathy, Ralph David.
Secretary of State under Truman who wrote _Present_at_Creation_ for which he won the Pulitzer Prize.
Acheson, Dean.
Dean Acheson served as secretary of state under him.
Truman, Harry S.
Wife of the second president of the U.S. and mother of the sixth.
Adams, Abigail Smith.
American photographer and founder of f/64 group.
Adams, Ansel.
The group founded by Ansel Adams.
Born in Braintree, a city now sharing the middle name of his son, this president was the vice president of the first president.
Adams, John.
The XYZ affair occured while he was in office.
Adams, John.
He served as secreatary of state for James Monroe before becoming president.
Adams, John Quincy.
He beat Jackson for his first term, even though Jackson recieved more popular votes.
Adams, John Quincy.
American social reformer known for co-founding the Hull House. . .
Addams, Jane.
First chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Adenauer, Konrad.
Greek slave known in literature for his. . .
Swiss-American zoologist and geologist famous for first proposing. . .
Agassiz, Jean Louis.
American author whose works include _Let_Us_Now_Praise_Famous_Men_ and the Pulitzer Prize winning _A_Death_in_the_Family_.
Agee, James.
Corrupted governor of Maryland and vice-president.
Agnew, Spiro Theodore.
Plilippine leader who rebelled from Spain with the aid of the U.S., and later rebelled against the U.S.
Aguinaldo, Emilio.
Current Japanese emperor. Married a commoner -- Shoda Michiko.
Wrote _The_Three-Cornered_Hat on which Manuel de Falla based a ballet.
Alarcon, Pedro.
American playwright famous for his clever and often satiric plays such as _Who's_Afraid_of_Virginia_Wolfe?_, _A_Delicate_Balance_, _Seascape_, and _3_Tall_Women_.
Albee, Edward.
American playwright author of _Seascape_.
Albee, Edward.
Spanish composer and pianist best remembered for his piano work _Iberia_.
Albeniz, Isaac.
Dominican philosopher called the "Universal Doctor". Teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Albertus Magnus, Saint.
Author known for portraying Vicotrian American family life. Wrote. . .
Alcott, Louisa May
Republican senator from RI best known for authoring the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act. It occurred during William Taft's presidential term.
Aldrich, Nelson.
American astronaut that was the second person on the moon.
Aldrin, Edwin "Buzz".
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin was on what mission?
Apollo 11.
King of Wessex from 871-899.
Famous for his rags to riches stories for boys.
Alger, Horatio.
Author of _Ragged Dick_.
Alger, Horatio.
American boxer born Cassius Clay.
Ali, Muhammed.
American boxer who became a Black Muslum in 1964.
Ali, Muhammed.
American Revolutionary figure led the Green Mountain Boys. . .
Allen, Ethan.
American film director born Allen Stewart Konigsberg.
Allen, Woody.
American film director whose films include _Annie_Hall_, _Hannah_and_Her_Sisters_, and _Alice_.
Allen, Woody.
Ugandan president who seized control from Milton Obote, and was exiled in 1979.
Amin, Idi.
English novelist who penned the satire _Lucky_Jim_.
Amis, Kingsley.
Furthered the work of Hans Oersted on the relationship between electricity and magnetism. . .
Ampere, Andre.
Norwegian explorer and first person to reach the South Pole. Also the first to fly over the North Pole and commanded the first ship to sail through the Northwest Passage.
Amundensen, Roald.
Danish fairy tale writer.
Andersen, Hans Christian.
American physicist who discovered the positron. He shared the 1936 Nobel Prize in physics with V. F. Hess.
Anderson, Carl.
African American contralto who was the first permanant A.A. member of the Metropolitan Opera, and the first A.A. to perform at the White House. Alt. UN del. 1958.
Anderson, Marian.
American dramatist who authored many plays including _What_Price_Glory?_, _Winterset_, and _Elizabeth_the_Queen_.
Anderson, Maxwell.
American author whose works include _Winesburg,_Ohio_, _Poor_White_, and _Dark_Laughter_.
Anderson, Sherwood.
Soviet leader who served as head of the KGB, general secretary of the USSR, and succeeded Leonid Brezhnev in 1983 as Soviet Chief of State.
Andropov, Yuri.
African American poet, playwright, and short-story author best known for _I_Know_Why_the_Caged_Bird_Sings_. She read her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at the inauguration of Bill Clinton.
Angelou, Maya.
Sweedish physicist after which the length unit equal to 10^-10 meters in named.
Angstrom, Anders.
Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain. Daughter of James II, and successor to William II. The last Stuart ruler, and a devout Protestant. None of Anne's children survived her, so George I succeeded her upon her death.
Anne, Queen of England.
British Princess and Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1973, she married Mark Phillips, divorced him, and married Timothy Laurence.
Anne, Princess.
Fourth queen of Henry VIII of England. Married Henry VIII, and divorced him later that year.
Anne of Cleaves.
Queen consort of James I of England.
Anne of Denmark.

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