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BTMM Final1


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The mass communication theories of Morpheus are closet to which persons theory?
Lonesome's TV show is a symbol of what?
technological determinism
The "down-home" experiences of Lonesome Rhodes were shared and beleived by the TV viewers. This is an example of....?
social proof
According to Morpheus, what is the matrix?
computer networks
What does the red pill symbolize in the Matrix?
"the search for truth"
Which mass communication theory does Morpheus explain to Neo in the matrix?
technological determinism
Lonesome Rhodes was a metaphor for....?
a modern sophist
Morpheus was not a metaphor for.....?
modern sophist
Why do generals and presidential candidates want to work with Lonesome Rhodes?
they want to exploit his ability to influence the masses
Who provided a logical proof as a means of persuasion?
As discussed in class, Morpheus' explanation of "the matrix" is a metaphor for....?
of how mass media technology shapes our perception of the world
How is rhetoric used in the vitajex ad shown in a "Face in the Crowd"? Does it use:
-Percieved intelligence
-logical proof
-ethical proof
uses percieved intelligence by showing people becoming more sexual by taking vitajex
"A face in the crowd" used the automatic reactor as an example of what?
At the end of "A face in the Crowd", Lonesome is screaming alone atop the empty skyscraper. This was a metaphor symbolizing that....?
just b/c someone is at the top it doesn't mean that they have anything worth saying
In the entire matrix triology, there is only one book shown. It is owned by Neo and is very famous. Why?
the book explained how the media functions like a map that has so expanded that the map substitutes for the territory.
According to Morpheus, when do we become free?
when we realize that media technology shapes our perceptions of the world
According to the majority of the class, who had the most power in "A face in the Crowd"?
the masses in the audience
When the TV networks and advisors agreed to sponser Lonesome Rhodes show, this is an example of what?
implied autrhority
Why do humans develop theories?
to provide a pattern for inderstanding events in the surrounding world
The information society emerged with the proliferation of...?
the electronic media
This summer in Death Valley, your professor encountered....?
primitive forms of symbolic communication
How long has mass communication been around?
for less than 1% of human lifetimes
Approximately how many "lifetimes" has humanity been using symbolic communication technology?
Appromximately how many "lifetimes" has humanity been using print communication technology?
Since conditions in culture change over time theories must do what?
theories must adapt to new evidence to explain the world
What was the first technology of mass communication?
printing press
What is the main funtion of a theory?
to help provide a pattern for understanding the events around us
The oral tradition was dominant during what age?
the agrarian age/socciety
According to the US employment chart (the years 1800-2000), what happened to the amount of jobs relient on mass communication technologies?
they surpassed jobs in the factories
The speed of society is directly related to what?
to the speed of communication
True or False
- the first capitalist societies emerged with the spread of TV and movies
What is meant by the media theory of "map and territory"?
the media are like maps that are so large, that most people do not realize they inhabit the map rather than the territory
"Media technology is neutral; what counts are the messages not the media"
Is this a theory in Neo's book?
According to Marshall McLuhan, the global media networks function like what?
the human nervous system
According to Marshall McLuhan, media technology does what?
it reoders the patterns we experience in the world.
What are 3 things that all theories do?
-assume cause and effect
-are subject to revision
-can be objective or interpretive
Objective theories hold that the truth is ....?
reliant on a major premise
Interpretive theories hold that the truth is ....?
The socio-psychological tradition applies________ approach to mass communication theory.
an experimental and scientific
In general, audiences are more persuaded by speeches that seem ....?
to be natural
Technological determinism means....?
Important technological inventions cause major social transformation
The "global village" means that________?
space and time are eliminated in the electronic networks extending around the world.
What is contained in logical proof?
major and minor premise, followed by deducing a conclusion.
Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech is an example of what proof?
ethical proof
The critical tradition studies mass commmunication as a ________?
system of unjust concentrations of power.
To which traditon does this model belong: INFO SOURCE>>>TRANSMITER>>>RECIEVER>>>DESTINATION
The "cybernetic tradition" studies mass communication as a __________.
technological system of interrelated parts
The "semiotic tradition" studies mass communication as a________.
system of sybols and images
Which media functions most like an extension of human consciousness?
What is social proof?
where we all believe something is true, therefore it must be true....even though it may not be true at all
What is a sophist?
someone who is very good at persuading people

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