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USAD Poetry


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What movement did Ezra Pound "create"?
What was the Imagist movement in response to?
What are the characteristics of Imagism?
precise imagery, economic language and concrete details
Who wrote "The River Merchant's wife: A Letter" originally?
Li Po
What was Li Po's Japanese name?
What is the central theme of "The River Merchant's Wife"?
Maturing love
How is the last stanza of "The River Merchant's Wife" different from the previous stanzas?
There is no indication of age
About what are the images in the first stanza in "The River Merchant's Wife"?
childhood play
Why was Ezra Pound imprisoned?
For making Anti-American radio broadcasts while in Italy
Aside from translating Chinese poetry who's work did Pound also translate?
Who called Pound "Il miglior fabro" [the better craftsman]?
T.S. Elliot
What work was Pound's "Cantos" similar to?
Homer's epic "The Odyssey"
In what meter is Pound's "River Merchant's Wife" written?
free verse
Who was Kublai Khan?
A Mongol invader of China that established the Yuan dynasty
What was Coleridge reading when he fell asleep that influenced him to write "Kublai Khan"?
Purcha's Pilgrimage. a collection of travel literature
To what movement did Coleridge belong?
The Romantics
What were characteristics of the Romantics?
imaginative, subjective, emotional, nature and wilderness-not society, focused on exotic places and were mysterious
Who were some famous Romantic writers?
Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, John Keats, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, amd William Blake
How does "Kublai Khan" exemplify a Romantic work?
the theme and setting is exotic
With which work did Coleridge establish credibility as a critic and essayist?
Biographica Literaria 1817
Why did Coleridge use Laudanum, an opiate?
he had severe pain from his rheumatic gout
What was Coleridge doing between 1812 and 1813?
he was giving lectures on Shakespeare
In which genre did Coleridge NOT write: journalism, poetry, short fiction, drama or literary criticism?
short fiction
What is the underlying theme of "Kublai Khan"?
The poetic process
What does the "Abyssian Maid" represent in "Kublai Khan"?
A poetic muse
When Coleridge awoke from his Laudanum induced slumber, he believed he had already written 300 lines of poetry.
What is the dominant image in the second stanza of "Kublai Khan"?
that of an exploding fountain
What are characteristics of the Menglongshi poets?
ambiguous images, feelings of alienation, yearn for freedom, crisize the government, individualism and self expression
What are characteristics of the Newborn Generation?
less obscure images than Menglongshi, wrote about dispossession, creative freedom, quest for identity and exploration of the human psyche
What was the position of women in poetry in China?
they could generally only write about accepted themes like domestic life

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