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English 1st Semester Vocabulary


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literature that deals with abstract symbols
a traditional story, passed down through generations. Explains why the world is the way it is.
saying that contradicts itself but has truth behind it
an instance of indirect reference
saying about life or human behavior
an instance of repeating or being repeated
Incremental Repetition
a line repeated with minor changes in the repeated part
giving an animal or an object human like characteristics
an exaggeration for emphasis
Figurative Language
speech or writing that departs from literal meaning in order to achieve a special effect or meaning
Historical Narrative
A narrative where the writer tries to capture a moment in history
Primary Source/ Primary Account
A first person account of a story or an event.
Secondary Source/ Account
A second hand account of a story or event
Character Foil
an authors link between two contrasting characters⬦but have something in common
Internal Conflicts
occurs when the main character is pulled between his desires and concious or between emotions or loyalites
External Conflict
a dispute between the main character and another character or nature.
a made up story
Non fiction
a true story
Historical Fiction
a work in which the characters are fictional, but the setting and other details are from actual history
Literary Letter
written by someone who's famous; deals with history
a comparison between two dissimilar objects w/o using like or as
a proverb or maxim that relates to a common experience in life
Connotative meaning
meaning suggested by emotions triggered by a phrase or word
Denotative meaning
literal or dictionary meaning of a word
a trite, oversued expression
a specific language or form of speech used in a piece of work
first person narration
story from a person's point of view who refers to him/herself as "I"
third person narration
describe the story from a limited point of view
Gothic literature
lit. characterized by grotesque characters, bizarre situation, and violent events
a short narrative, often with animal characters, that teaches a lesson
Folk literature
fictional stories told from generation to genereation; changes as it's old; for entertainment
Flat character
one dimensional character with a few easily defined traits
round character
multi dimensional character with many complex traits
a one sentence, ideal phrase, that deals with the idea of a literary work
time and place of a story
Devotional literature
written for Religious reasons
a long narrative poem about a hero's journey; a work that talks about the struggles/reforms of a specific group
story about mythical or supernatural beings or events

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