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World Lit 2- Test 1


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Gulliver's Travels is two things: 1) a fascinationg treavel through wonderland and 2) a powerful satire on ...
man and human institutions
In Part 1 of GUlliver's Travels, what makes the following look ridiculous: the pomp of the emperor, the civil feuds of the inhabitants, the war with their neighbors across the channel?
how small they are
Trom what work are the following lines taken? "By what I have gathered from your own relation... I cannot but conclude the bulk of your natives to be the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surfac
Gulliver's Travels
In Part III of Gulliver's Travels, what four groups of people are satirized?
philosophers, men of science, historians, and projectors/ resurchers
Whith what were the Houyhnhnms endowed?
In Part IV of Gulliver's Travels, the simplicity and virtues of the horses are contrasted with the disgusting brutality and stupidity of the...
WHat has reduced the original value of thesatire in Part III of Gulliver's Travels?
A lot of theis stuff we are actually seeing b/c efforts of new experimental sciences.
WHat was the name given to the first great stock marked crash in England in 1720?
South Sea Bubble
In 1720, what caused mass hysteria, political corruption, and public upheaval?
THe South Sea Bubble
The South Sea Bubble used itls monopoly of ___________ to attract investors.
all trade to the SOuth Seas and Sought America
WHat was the Mississippi COmpany and who started the company?
monoply on french trade started by John Law
What roles did Stanhope, Southerland, and the royal mistresses, Madam von Platen and the Duchess of Kendal play in events surrounding the South Seas Bubble? Explain.
took bribes to use their influence to ensure favorable vote.
What did the Bubble Act, passed on June 11, 1720, require?
for all joint-stock companies to have a royal charter
What were the losses that occurred when the South Seas Bubble burst so huge and far-reaching?
People bought on credit margin.
Who was the foremost writer on satire who preferred "to vex the world rather than divert it"?
Jonathan Swift
In Swift's "A Tale in a Tub" (an allegorical account of CHristianity and its warrring sects), who did the forllowing characters represent? Peter, Martin, and Jack?
Peter: catholics, martin: anglicans, jack: dissenters
IN what work does Swift's genius for irony appear at its terrible best?
A Modest Proposal
Alexander Pope and AMbrois Philips had a quarrel, which ended with Pope seriously insulting Philips in a condescending and transparent article written for the "Guardian." WHat was it about?
The relative merits of their respective pastorals with unexampled and unequalled artifice of irony gives preference to Philips
What three literary publications were in operation at the time Swift and Pope were writing?
Spectator, Miscellany, and Guardian
Whar are Miss Arabella Fermor and Lord Petre?
characters in "The Rape of the Lock"
In the "Rape of the Lock," what does Belinda demand?
That the lock be restored
What does the author do with the lock at the end of the "rape of the lock"?
Wafing of lock (bringing together in air), as a new star to dorn the skies.
What do the following works mean? wafting? sylph? gnome?
1 bringing together in air 2 an elemental being without a soul believed to inhabit the air 3 dwarfed creature that lives underground- usually guards treasure
1700 find us well into the age of ________: Prose is more frourishing than _____" common sense is more highly valued than _____. The triumph of _____ is complete.
cool rationalism, poetry, imagination, realism
Mame three important innovations of the 17th century.
stock companies, banks, insurance (fire, live, maritime)
IN the 17th century, who championed the rights of children?
Why didnt the fire of 1666 eliminate threat of the plague?
didnt burn out slum areas where fleas were
Name three food products introduced in the 17th centurey that enabled a greater refinement of living
citrus fruits, cocoa, refined sugar, coffee
What revolutionized table mannered in the 17th century?
What 17th centurey innovation reduced the number of fleas that carried the plague?
HOw did the floor plans of homes change i the 17th cent?
function oriented rooms
Mame the mahor scientific and philosophic innovations of the 17th cent
telescope, adoption of capernican theory, microscope, botany, zoology
What for advances in mathematics were developed in the 17th cent?
logarythms, slide rule, analytic geometry, calculus
Whose was the greatest name in science in the 17th century, and for what was he famous?
Sir Issac Newton- law of gravity
To SIr Francis Bacon, what was th great truth?
THe scientific and philisophical innovations of the 17th century raised religious doubts. WHo felt tha works like "soul," "spirit," and "mind" were invented to frighten people and terms like "good" and "evil&q
Thomas Hobbes
Wht two great forces became tied together during the 17th cent?
government and religion
WHy did the Ouritans have a strong influence on politics?
bus. virtues, sobriety, stuck with the job at hand
Who was the mocking enemy of the Puritans?
What group is largely responsible for the modern framework of English liberty and, to a consideratble extent, our own liberty?
WHat three very important political changes occurred in the 17th cent?
supremacy of parliament, king underlaw, and confirmation of supremacy of common law
It was the _______ determination to speak their views and to try to impose them on others that furthered the historic cause of liberty.
Agter Elizabeth 1 died, who ascended the throne?
James VI the Scot, or James I
What self-serving philosophy did James I try to force the English people to accept?
divine rights of kings
What cost the Stuarts both the throne of Scotland and the throne of England?
James I's idea of divine rights of kings
Agter they gained a majority in the HOse of Commons, what did the Guritns want to do to the CHurch of England?
reform it
After James I lost control of the church in Scotland to Presbyterianism, what did James next try to force on the people?
Book of COmmon Prayer
When Charles I suceeded James I, the Puritans became more dissatisfied. Why was this so?
cnt. to press for royal supremacy and high church anglicanism
Why did an improvised court find Charles I guilty of treason and have him beheaded?
bc he raised army against own country
Agter Charles I was executed who succeeded him?
Oliver Cromwell and the common wealth and protectorate
Who was in charge during the Cromwell period (group)?
Why didnt the Protectorate's repressive acts (instituted to protect the nation's morals) work?
invading personal iberties
What occurred at the onset of the Restoration?
monarchy was resorted
During the Restoration, what was more important than the restoration of the monarchy?
return of parliament
Whose view that selfishness underlies everything was widely held and acted upon during the period of Restoration?
WHy wasnt Charles II a good king?
bc spent too much time with mistresses and didnt do much
Why didnt the old Cavaliers like the young Cavaliers?
bc cavort with king and ignored loyal old Cavaliers to Charles I
Charls II was not prepared to fight for the Divine Rights of Kings or for religious reasons. Why not?
bc didnt want to go back into exile
In 1379, the new Parliament was staunchly ____ in politics and _____ in religion.
Royalist, Anglican
During the later part of Charles II's reign, there was a renewal of efforts against Catholic ideas. WHy was that so?
brother James was openly Catholic
Later the Whigs, the Earl of Schaftsbury, seized any opportunity to promote the idea of a Catholic coup and to exclude James from succession. Who did he want to follow Charles II and why?
Qhanted Charles' illegitamate son because protestant
Who was Titus Oates? Explain.
instigated Popoish plot which had huge anticatholic reaction
What did James II's Declaration of Indulgences do?
granted tolleration to Catholics and protestants
WHat groups, that would have supported James II, were alienated by the Declaration fo Indulgences?
Royalists and high church Tories
WHo comprimised the Anglican extablishment?
church of upper classes and landed gentry
WHo comprimised the group called Dissenters?
middle and merchant class (working man)
WHat doomed James II and caused the whigs and Tories to hoin in correspondence with the foremost Protestant ruler, WIlliam, Prince of Orange?
his wife produced a Chatholic male heir
What was the GLorious Revolution?
William Prince of Orange moved in and took over country with no shots fired
William and Mary (childless): WIllima as to rule alone if Mary died first; however, since WIlliam died first, who ascended the thron of England?
Mary's sister, Anne Stuart
WHat monarch ruled England at the time Swift and Pope were writing?
Anne Stuart
What did the Bill of Rights of 1689 accomplich?
brought monarch under law of land
What did the Toleration Act do?
granted dexcenters the right to worship in public
With the reign of ANne, we see England under ______.
Parliamentary govt
WHat controls werw made possible by the "cabinet system"?
Monarch's mnmisters held accountable to Parliament and could be dismissed by them.
WHat was the Grand Alliance and why was it neccessary?
European Powers; to control France- William organized
After peace failed, a Second Grand ALliance was formed. What ended it?
War of Spanish Succession
Anne was the last of the Stuart line to rule ENgland and the first to rule...
over all of Great Britain
THe War of Spanish succession was known in America as...
Queen Anne's War of The French and Indian War
Who was the first clear voice of Romanticism?
William Blake
Of whom can we say that the few men who recongized his genius did now comprehend hi ideas and that the world passed him by while he gave these facts little regard, as he know his works were the delight of the archangels?
William Blake's Great task was to open the immortal Eyes of ____ inwards to the WOrlds of _____.
man, thought
Blake belongs among those mystics who repudiate ________.
allegence to church
Of whom can we say that everywhre a freshness of utterance springs from the poet's own genius. Joy, laughter, love, and harmony are prevailing notes?
What was it about Paine, Priestly, GOdwin, and Wollstonecraft that alienated Blake?
Name one work in which Glake interpreted the War for Independence symbolically.
The VIsions of the Daughters of Albion or America,a Prophecy
In Blake's works, Orc is a symbol of vital _____ and Urixen is a symbol of _____.
passionate reason, reason
What connection with Blake did William Hayley have?
hayley limited blake to live on his estate
What constituted the resentment Blake felt toward hayley? Explain.
Hayleay wanted engravings and help on his works but discouraged Blake to do his own work
Who was R.H. Cormek and waht did he do to Blake?
Prior to Glake's design to Canterbery Tales, Cormek pirated them and published them
What work by Blake reveals an all- pervading presence of divine love and sympathy, even in trouble and sorrow?
Songs of Innocence
"Marriage in Heaven and Hell," Blake's principle prose work, deals with the denial of the reality of _____, the denial of _____, and the denial of ______.
matter, external punishment, authority
WHich of Blake's works contrasts with the Songs of Innocence to present a sense of gloom and mystery and the power of evil?
SOngs of Experience
Which of Blake's works, in later versions, adds the revelation of forgiveness through Jesus CHrist?
Vala or The FOur Zoas
WHich of Blake's works expounds on the throry of Imagination, "the real external world of which the Vegetable Universe is but a faint shadow." "THe world of imagination is the world of eternity."
WHat work by WOrdsworth is an autobiographical account of "the growth of a poet's mind," which Worksworth said was "lord and master" over fact?
THe Prelude
WHat does Wordsworth mean whn he says that a poet's mind is lord and master over fact?
write things how ought to be rather than are
Of all of the authors we have studied and will study in this course, which one wrote few characters that stand out with individualized clarity?
Which writer we studied traveled from his neoclassical apprenticeship to his dominant position in romanticism, from his advocacy of revolution to his support ofthe establishment of order, from his trust in the "visionary gleam" to his meek acce
At the time Wordsworth was writing, what genre were poets writing in France?
Pastoral poetry
WHo was shocked by ENgland's entry into the Grench REvolutionary War bc he viewed it as a betrayal of the cause of liberty?
Who wrote "Guilt and SOrrow," which exoosed the miseries of war, the injustices of the penal cod, and the wrongs inflicted by the privileged upon the defenseless poor and who influenced them?
Wordsworth influenced by Godwin
Wordsworth's excape from desondency coincides with his shift away from the philosophies of Grance and Godwin and toward those of _____.
Who influenced Wordsworth to believe that each gaculty ofthe mind is produced by a transformation of the faculty next below it in rank: and at the summit is the moral sense?
What poem is the poetically beautiful result of WOrdsworth's walking tour in June 1798?
TInturn Abbey
What is the title of Wordsworth's finest pastoral poem?
WHo is the "stern daughter of the voice of God"?
In BIographia Literaria, writing tasks are stated. WHo was responsible for the following? _____ would direct himself to persons and characters supernatural or at least romantic and _____ was to strive to give charm and novelty to things of everyday.
COleridge, WOrdsworth
Which of the authors we studied dabbled in the inerpretation of romantic philosopny and the reconciliation fo Trinitarian Christianity with New Platonic thought?
WHo was i league with Coleridge in a plan to emigrate to America?
Robert SHelley
WHo is Sarah Fricker and who is Mary Evans?
1 Coleridge's wife 2 the one Colereridge loved
WHat adjective describes a community free from prejudie and tradition and based upon the "generalization of individual property"- in short, a commune?
WHat poem idealized the French Revolution and praises Priestley's Unitarianism AND who wrote it?
"Religious Musings" by Coleridge
WHich of the writers we studied simply did not have the endurance to stay with anything difficult very long- not long enough to realized success?
In the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, what causes a curse to fall upon the ship?
mariner kills the albatross which violated the right to hospitality
In the Rime of the ANcient Mariner, what causes the curse to be lifted?
He must show love to the creatures.
What penance must the mariner serve?
He must go from place to place teaching by example love and reverence to God's creatures
WHat unfinished work by COleridge is said to be one of the most beatiful in English poetry?
ALthogh his early works were relatively worthless, what great romantic poet started his writing career with radical pamphlets/ tracts wuch as Address to the Irish People and Proposal for an Association, aimed at accomplishing repeal of the union between
What romantic poet moved from GOdwiniwan necessitarianism toward Platonic idealism?
After the suicide of Shelley's first wife, Harriet Westbrook, and his continuous meitation efferts between Byron and Jane Clairmont (the woman who bor Byron's child, Allegra), what work marked his recovery of spirits (it reflects the hopes and disappoint
The REvolt of Islam
Shelley's optimism in The REvolt of Islan demonstrates an impressive contrast to ______ despndent revulsion over the way the French Revolution was prosecuted.
What work by Shelley is constructed around the hours of theday, evokes the lovelines of the Italian landscape, and contains a magnificent tribute to Byron?
Lines Written Among Eugenean Hills
WHat is the overriding tone of Lines Written in Dejection, near Naples, by SHelley?
WHat was Shelley's first important work tat is a codemnation of self- centered idealism and, at the same time, a lament for a world as he views it?
THe Spirit of Solitude or ALister
What work by Shelley was written a a tribute to Keats?
What poet subscribed to Godwin's support of free love (if not in pactice, at least in concept)?
What romantic poet is viewed by some critics as both a lover and creator of sensuous beauty and by differing critics as a great philosophic poet?
WHat is the title of the poem by Keats that depicts the old belief that those who watch at the porch of the parish church on a certain night will see shadowy forms pass into the portal? (Those who do not pass out again are doomed to die within the succee
Eve of St. Mark
WHat romantic poet's early works were written in imitation of Edmund Spenser?
What was it about Wordsworth's demeanor that disillusioned Keats?
complacent, egotistical, didactic
What was the name of Keats famous doctrine that implies a poetic ideal of imaginative insight and suspended judgment, "a selfless sympathy" not only with other human beings but also with all life?
Negative capability
Who was Fanny Brawne?
object of Keats' love
What poem by Keats contrasts the happy world of natureal loveliness with the human world of pain (written around the theme of immortality?)
The ode to a Nightengale
What poem by Keats contrasts the permanence of art with the fleetingness of human passion?
THe Ode to the Grecian Urn
WHat poet of the Victorian Age possessed a sharp eye for psychological realities and a considerable gift for detached observation of human nature?
Robert Browning
What VIctorian Age poet, influenced by John Donne, wanted to see poetry more passionately alove and more psychololgically profound?
Why was Browning viewed as the "most modern, to modern people the most important, of poets"?
bc no one else has doing what he has doing- against didactic and aesthetic verse and for psychological realism.
What Victorian Age poet's views (those who strive for high goals are spiritually successful, while those who succeed in attaining low aim really fail) still carry weight today?
What was the subject matter used by Browning to write "The King and the Book"?
it is based on a Roman murder-case related in an old parchment-covered volume that Browning picked up one day in a Florentine market stall.
Name two dramatic monologues written by Robert Browning?
My Last Duchess, The Laboratory, and Soliliquy in the Spanish Cloister
Writing in the early VIctorian period, Carlyle, Ruskin, and others concerned with the pressing social problems of the time attempted to ______.
awaken the social conscious.
WHile the early Victorian political prospective made some ineffective concessions to the Irish, it did not alleviate the distress in Ireland. However legislation did accomplish one excellent victory. What was that?
emancipating slaves in Brittish dominion
Early in the Victorian period Quakers were sworn into Parliament. How was this accomplishment in light of the fact that they did not follow the Anglican faith?
were allowed to substitued another statement for the oath
How did the early Victorian period demonstrate an increasing refinement and compassion?
THey did not have bear baiting and and cockfighting- ended cruel forms of sport.
WHat did the Factory Act of 1833 do and to what was it limited?
Regulated child labor but only in the textile factories.
While the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 did much to allevieate the problem of local jurisdictions constantly shifting responsibility for the poor to other districts, it had a two-fold fundamental flaw. What was it?
Did not reach out to deserving poor and did not reach out to indigents- they didnt deal with who deserved and why deserved and causes of poverty.
What movement resulted because of "the social degradation produced by the unregulated growth of industry and by the subordination of human of commercial interests?"
Chartist movement
WHat novel of the early Victorian period pictured the horror of London slums?
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
In the London slums, there was a complete lack of sanitation, thus the water-supply was contaminated by disposal of sewage and leaking graveyards. What novel of the period depicts these problems (although they are minor to the plot) and who wrote it?
Bleak House by CHarles DIckens
WHat good result came out of the Cholera epidemics of 1831, 1848, and 1853-54?
Femedial action to secure pure water and proper drainage and close old graveyards.
At the Mid-Victorian era, a greater confidence prevailed due to good harvest, brisk trade, railway building, and higher wages. THis led to increased activity within the trade unions. THe London Workingmen's Association drew up a Charter outlining a six-p
Manhood sufferage, payment of house members, and secret ballot
What did the classical doctrine of Laisse faire promote?
free trade
By the Mid-Victorian period, England was beginning to find herself dependent upon supplies of food from abroud. Why was this true?
stopped being ag country and becaome industrial country- no more farming so must get from abroad.
WHy did England cease to be "the workshop of the world"?
bc other nations memeicd her and one no longer had monoply
Name two of the three Victorians whose writings show sympathy with aspirations of people struggling for national independence.
Elizabeth Berrit Browning, Meredith
What Victorian poet was appointed as poet laureate in 1850?
WHose poetry contained the forllowing dominat ideas: a passionate beleif in progress, a conservative pride in English freedom, religious doubts, the triumph of faith, and moral earnestness and idealism exalted by Duty, Love, and home?
"Sea Fairies," by _______, is perhaps the fiest piece of music in English verse before Swinburne.
If we compare Keats' "To AUtumn" with Tennyson's "SOng" on the same subject, we see at once that where Keats dscribes an object, Tennyson invokes _____.
WHo influenced Tennyson to shift his theory and practice of poetry form Romantic aestheticism to Victorian didacticism?
The Apostles (group)
What 1859 work est Tennyson firmly as the greatest poet of the Victorian Age?
Idylls of the King
WHo spoke of "a mighty wave of evil passing over the world" (the Victorian philosophy)?
Who called the Victorian period "an age of lies, and also and age of stinks"?

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