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World History by Cynthia Potasi


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What species do human beings to?
Homo sapien sapien
Why were Paleolithic people nomadic?
The had to follow their food source.
Which early human species were the first to use fire?
Homo Erectus
What was the major change in the Neolithic Revolution?
Civilization had begun.
What is prehistory?
The era before writing was developed
What the six characteristics of civilization?
The rise of cities, government, religion, social structure, use of writing, and artistic activity.
What was the effect of an abundant food supply in the ancient civilization?
What is theocracy?
A government ruled by religion.
Who created Cuneiform?
List three innovations of the Sumerians other than writing?
Cuneiform, wagon wheel, and sun dial.
What was the first empire in World History?
Akkadian Empire
What was Hammurabi famous for?
Code of Hammurabi
What was hieratic script used for?
Record keeping: Simplified Heiroglyphs.
What process did the Egyptians use to preserve their dead?
What geogreaphic feature influenced the settlement of the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians?
What makes Judaism different from the other religions of its time?
Why is the Phoenician alphabet important?
It was passed from the Greeks to Romans and US.
Which empire was invaded by the Aryans?
Indus River Valley
What was created by Aryabhata?
Which invention expanded trade during the Han dynasty?
The rudder.
Which religion uses terms such as four noble truths and nirvana?
What belief is shared by Hindus and Buddhists?
What is the Silk Road?
It was the trade route between China and the Empire.
What were The Illiad and The Odyssey?
They're epic poems.
What is a polis?
It is a city and its surrounding countryside.
What type of government did Sparta have and what is its definition?
Oligarchy: Ruled by few.
What happened to the Spartan Troops at Thermopylae Pass?
They were defeated.
What type of government did Athen have and what is its definition?
Athens had a direct democracy. A direct democracy hold elections to elect individuals and assemblies to talk about things.
During what era did Alexander the Great live?
Hellenistic era
What was discoverd by Eratosthenes?
They calculated the Earth's circumference.
What is a Republic?
A form of a government in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have a right to vote.
What was the Roman Senate?
It was an advising counsel consisting of three hundred politicians serving a life term.
Who were the member of the first triumvirate?
Crossus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar.
How did Julius Caesar die?
He was murdered by the Senate in 44 B.C.
What was the Pax Romana?
"Roman Peace" is an era of peace and prosperity.
Who was the first Christian emperor of Roman?
Which emperor made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
How are Judaism and Christianity similar?
Who was Muhammas?
He was the prophet of Allad.
What are the five pillars of Islam?
They were belief, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimmage.
What is the Hajj?
A once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimmage to Mecca.
What is th shari'ah?
Tje cpde pf law created by Muslim scholars for daily life.
What was the result of Hussein's revolt against the Umayyadd?
The Muslims divided between the shi'ite and Sunnis.
What was preserved by Muslin scholars?
Classical literature
Why are there no images of Muhammad in the mosques?
He believed painting living creatures was treading in God's domain.
What is matrilineal?
It is ancestory through the females, mothers.
What was the role of the ancestor in African religion?
The ancestor was believed to have been closer to gods and had power to influence the lines of the descendents.
Why was music and storytelling important to African society?
There wasn't any written language to pass on their culture.
What technology was created by the Tang Dynasty?
Steel & gunpowder.
Who was Temujin, and what did he create?
Temujin conquered the world's largest land empire.
Why did Kublai Kahn fail to conquer Japan in 1281?
A storm destroyed the fleet.
Who was Marco Polo?
He was the first foreigner to make contact with the east. He brought over various technologies.
Who are the samurai?
They were military servents hired to protect aristocrats.
What is the Bushido?
It is the samurai warrior code declaring loyalty to their lords.
What were the five trading societies pf Southeast Asia?
They were Vietnam, Thailand,Burma Malay,Pngkar
What was Justinian's Body of Civil Law?
It was the complete law code.
What is wergild?
"Money for a man."
What event occurred in 1066?
Willam of Normandy invaded England.
What was the Magna Carta?
A law limiting the power of monarchs.
What was the Domesday Book?
A recored of landholders in England in 1086.
What was the most important gift a lord could give his vassal?
What is chivalry?
A code of loyalty by which all knights were expected to live by.
While the lord was away at was, who was in charge o the estate?
His wife.
How were serfs different from peasants?
Serfs were legally bound to the land. Peasants were free to leave.
What name was given to the artisans and merchants who lived within the city walls.
What was the Inquisition?
The church court who punished anyone convicted of heresy.
What is Vernacular literature?
It is literature written in every day language versus Latin.
How was the Bubonic Plague carried through Europe?
From Fleas to rats, from rats on ships to people through more people.
How did Joan of Arc influence the French during the Hundred Years' War?
She inspired a french town.
What event united the Spanish Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile?
The marriage of Ferdinant of Aragon and Isabella of Castille.
What stuctures were constructed for religious purposes by the Hopewells?
What did the Plains Indians use the Buffalo for?
Shelter, tools, and food.
Where did the Anasazi live?
Modern-day Colorado, Mexico, and Arizona.
What caused the decline of Latin American natives (Aztecs) after the Spanish conquest?
European disease,
What was the capital city of the Aztec?
What invention increased the circulation of literary works?
The printing press
Which renaissance artist is considered the renaissance ideal because of his skills as painter, architect, and inventor?
Leonardo de Vinci
List three major Renaissance Artists.
Michael Angelo, Leonardo de Vinci, and Raphael.
What church practice did Martin Luther King attack in his Ninety-five Theses?
The selling of indulgences.
What was the first Protestant faith?
What were the three motivations for European Exploration?
God, glory, gold
What trade did Portugal control after Vasco de Gama sailed to India?
Spice trade
Who discovered the Americas?
Christipher Columbus
What country colonized Latin America?
What is the balance of trade?
The difference of water between imports and exports.
What African king spoke out against the slave trade?
King Afonso
What was the slaves' journey from Africa to the Americas called?
The Middle Passage.
What was the first successful English colony in America?

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