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Spanish Midterm


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La Pinata
candy filled container used for mexican celebrations which hangs hangs on a rope and kids try to break it open
La Quinceanera
Hispanic celebration for girl's 15th birthday which represents transition form girl to woman
European union and Euro
international organization created to strengthen economic social and security interests
Salvador Dali
surrealist artist from Spain it seems a delirius fantasy his distorted watches are famous
Mexican musical group that serenade with songs of country life and courtship
Panama Canal
major canal that connects atlantic and pacific one of the most difficult engineering projects
El dia de los muertos
mexican tradition where families remember dead relatives and prepare altars and decorate graves
La Tomatina
tomato fight in the street whick paints the city read in Spain
La Nochevieja
New years eve spaniards spaniards wait til midnight and eat a grape at each toll of the bell
El Alamo
military fortress in Texas built by Spanish for education of Native Americans
Los reyes magos
three kings guided by a star to bethlehem hispanic kids believe they bring gifts
celebration in Spain where bulls and people run through the streets in the morning
El Tango
seductive dance started off in lower class but evolved to most popular ballroom dance
Antonio Gaudi
famous architect who lived and worked in Catalunya had unique surrealist style
british colony on southern coast of Spain the rock of gibralter stands 1400 ft tall
sport from Spain played in a fronton players throw the ball so opponent cant return it

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