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Stewart Purple Myth

Review for Mrs. Stewart 9th Grade English


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Odysseus planned the great escape from Polyphemus the Cyclops. First, they get Cyclops really drunk till he falls asleep. Then, one soldier gets a stake and puts in the fire for a few moments. When it gets hot, he stabs it into Polyphemus's eye, making him blind. Odysseus, also, had a plan to get passed Polyphemus, while he is blocking the exit. Since Odysseus knows Polyphemus can't see, they are going to attach to the cattle's under-side, while Polyphemus is checking the cattle.(EL)
Did the Trojan soldiers escape from the Cyclops? Who planned it?
care-taker of the underworld, the Hades of Chinese Mythology(AJ)
Chases Daphne until she is changed into a Laurel. He helps Perseus by giving him the helmet of invisibility. Born on Delos. He is god of archery, medicine, and moon. Rides chariot. Oracle of Delphi(EL)
His wife, Eurydice, is killed by a python. He goes into the underworld and uses his lyre to get to Hades. His skill over the lyre helps him retrieve Eurydice back, but he cannot look back to look at her until they are in the real world. He accidentally looks back, and she is taken back.
Magic Cudgel
a Magic stick given to the Monkey King by the Dragon King as a parting gift that can grow and shrink with the Monkey King.(AJ)
Which goddess cheats on her husband occasionally? (Greek Name)
In Greek/Roman Mythology, this was the only MORTAL gorgon whose stare could turn someone to stone even after death. Her hair was made of snakes. She had scales that would reject most swords. Perseus killed her using a dark hat from Hermes to cloak himself, winged shoes from Hermes to fly, a sword from Athena to cleave Medusa's head off, and a bronze mirror shield to see the reflection of Medusa without being turned to stone. Perseus succeeded in defeating her.(JD)
Best lyre player of the mortals. The lyre is like a wand. It can move things because of the music. (EL)
The first disciplines are "The Major Heavenly Disciplines." The Monkey King learns them because he feels he is godly but wasn't invited to the party for the gods & by learning these he can become a true god. The next four he learns are "The Major Disciplines of Vulnerability" so that he can become truly immortal and become stronger and greater than the rest of the gods. The last four are "The Major Disciplines of Bodily Form" so that he can become the greatest of any god and defeat anybody in his path or that laughs at him for being a monkey.(AJ)
What are the twelve disciplines that the Monkey King masters and why does he master them?
In Chinese Mythology, she's the goddess who created the humans. She created the humans in her reflection out of boredom and loneliness. She also saved them from disaster brought by the Water/Darkness (JD)
In love with Pyramus. She wants to get married to him, but her parents won't let her. They decide to meet at the Tomb of Ninus, so that they can get married and run away. When she arrives, a lion sees her. She drops her cloak and runs away. When she comes back, she seed Pyramus dead. Thinking that it is her fault that she is dead, she kills herself.(EL)
Zeus' son and strangles two snakes when he was a baby. Eurystheus give him twelve tasks to complete including killing/capturing many monsters and cleaning a stable. WE)
Greek and Chinese Mythology are somewhat alike and different. For example they are both polytheistic. Another comparison is how both types of gods feel emotions & the way they both try to explain how the universe became, but which also brings me to my next point of how they explain these things. The Chinese are very serious and scientific in their myths while the Greeks stories are always troublesome. Another comparison is how the Greek gods never experience physical pain while the Chinese gods feel pain along with being mortals unlike the immortal Greek gods.(AJ)
Compare and Contrast Chinese Mythology with Greek Mythology?
He is in love with Thisbe. He wants to get married with her, but his parents won't let him. They decide to meet at nightall and run away. When he arrives, he sees Thisbe's cloak all torn up with blood stains on it. He thinks she is dead, and thinks it's his fault, and kills himself.(EL)
He is the king of Thessaly, and the son of Lucifer. Ceyx decides to leave his wife for a long journey in the sea. His ship is wrecked because of the weather. He is resurrected as a bird, when Alcyone finds his dead body on the shore.(EL)
In Chinese Mythology, he's the god who used the magic bow and quiver of arrows to exterminate 9 of the 10 suns of Emperor Jun and rid the land of evil beast. He lived on the Sun Palace and was the God of Archery(JD)
Chinese goddess who saved the humans from a flood and a dragon.
She can throw thunderbolts
Why does Zeus favor Athena over all his other children?
No- Europa is left on the island of Crete by Zeus, where they have children. She left her friends without saying good-bye. Now, she has no money, and she has to start a new life on an island. The only friends she has are her children.(EL)
Is the myth Europa considered as a happy ending?
What is the animal associated with Zeus?
His other name is Pluto. He is god of dead. King of the Underworld. He is also is god of wealth. His pet is Cerberus. His wife is Persephone. He uses a Narcissus to lure Persephone closer to him, so that he can capture her.(EL)
In Greek/Roman Mythology, this is the monster that is the son of the king of Crete, Minos. He is half bull, half human. Theseus decided to defeated when he wanted to be a hero to stop the yearly sacrifices to it.(JD)
What is the animal associated with Minerva?
Major Disciplines of Vulnerability
The second disciplines the Monkey King masters. They are invulnerability to fire, cold, drowning, and wounds(AJ)
Flower Fruit Mountain
monkeys frolic under the watch of the Monkey King.(AJ)
In Chinese Mythology, the creator of the world. He cleaves away the darkness with an Electric Axe and keeps the Sky from crashing on the Earth. After many years of keeping the Sky above the Earth, he dies and donates his body to the earth. His voice becomes the roll of thunder and his limbs become the four corners of the earth etc...(JD)
He dies by gazing at himself in the water. The goddess Nemesis carried out a prayer, which one of the victims of Narcissus prayed for. The prayer was falling in love with himself. Where he died was where new flowers bloomed.(EL)
tell me about the flower myth Narcissus.
5 Pillars of God
5 Golden pillars found outside the universe where the Great Monkey King urinated on and carved his name on. These pillars were also the Tze-Yo-Tzuh's five fingers on his hand.(AJ)
He dies from a boar while he was hunting. His blood turned into a crimson flower (EL)
Tell me about the flower myth Adonis.
Which god uses thunder bolts? (Greek Name)
When Ceyx drowns he is turned into a bird, and she is too relieve her suffering
The Major Disciplines of Bodily form
the last of the three major disciplines the Monkey King learns. They are giant form, miniature form, to clone from hair, and shape shifting.(AJ)
What is the animal associated with Hera?
The Monkey King was still what he was born to be, a monkey. He was who he was, despite his changes. He couldn't hide from his true appearance, and the Gods knew that.(JD)
Why did the Gods reject the Monkey King despite all of his studies of the Disciplines?
Which god cheats on his wife? (Roman Name)
In Chinese Mythology, she's the goddess who's the wife of Houyi who watches over the moon with the company of a Jade Rabbit(JD)
God of wine. Parents are Zeus and Semel. God of Vine. Last god to enter Mount Olympus. Other name Bacchus.(EL)
The Major Heavenly Disciplines
These are the first disciplines the Monkey King masters. They are the fist of lightning, thunderous kick, heavenly senses and the cloud as his steed.(AJ)
The Jade Emperor
The Ruler of All Celestials (Chinese) (AJ)
He is the son of Venus and messenger of love. (WE)
In Greek/Roman Mythology, this is the monster that Hercules faced for his second labor. It had 8 mortal heads and an immortal one. Each mortal head cleaved from its body allowed two more to grow in its place. Hercules beat them by sealing the cleaved spots with a torch and then crushing the immortal one with a huge stone.(JD)
Let Perseus borrow her shield. Other name is Minerva. She is Zeus's favorite child. Twin brother is Artemis. She is goddess of battle and wisdom. Zeus has headache, and then Vulcan pops open his head and she pops out(EL)
The Monkey King's story was about him becoming this "Great Sage, equal to heaven." It all started when he found out of a party for the gods and he was not invited. He felt let down by himself and started working on becoming somebody he isn't. He is fed up with his plain self and decides to lock himself away and learn new things to improve himself. Once he slightly changes himself he goes to this celestial party and is mocked. This angers the Monkey king which makes him want to change even more. He again locks himself up and transforms himself yet again. With his stubbornness he leaves his village to brag about how wonderful he is. The Monkey King is constantly changes the true him because he wants to fit in, is angered at everyone for laughing at him, fights to be the best out of anybody, and all because he wishes not to be a monkey any longer.(AJ)
was the Monkey King so set on becoming something he is not?
Son of Athenian king. Lifts rock finds sandals and sword. Kills all the robbers on the way to Athens. Volunteers to be sacrificed but does it so he can kill the Minotaur and runs off with the daughter of the Minoan king.(WE)
He is a handsome man with many girls that like him, including Echo. He dies gazing at himself in a pool of water. The nymphs create flower in remembrance of him It is, also, a flower that Zeus uses, in order to help Pluto capture Persephone.(EL)
Sculptor who makes his statue perfect and falls in love with it.(WE)
Which god is seen in a Chariot and with a helmet? (Greek name)
The Tomb of Ninus
What place does Pyramus and Thisbe meet at?
In Greek/Roman Mythology, it is the three-headed dog of the underworld and Hades' pet. He is also the guardian of the underworld and Hercules had to get it for his 12th labor.(JD)
Which god is the major king of the sea? (Roman Name)
How did they feel? They felt neglected and useless. Their king hid from them and they tried to help. They wanted him to be a better ruler but he only went to the gods and beat them up.(JD)
How did the Monkeys on Flower Fruit Mountain react to the Monkey King becoming a god?
She is a charming girl. She rides a pretty bull, who is actually Zeus, across the sea. Europe is named after her. She is taken to Crete by Zeus, too.(EL)
In Greek/Roman Mythology, these were the brothers of Cronus, and were locked away because Uranus didn't want them. When Cronus was defeated by his sons and daughters, Zeus defeated the Titans with his thunderbolts and his brothers and sisters.(JD)
The supreme god in the story of "The Monkey King" that created the Monkey King.(AJ)
Maenads eventually kill this great music player.
Which god is seen in a Chariot and with a helmet? (Greek name)
Who built the Maze that the Minotaur lived in?
Gets bitten by a python, and is killed. She has to wait for Orpheus to come and save him. When Orpheus saves her, she is to walk behind him until they are in the real world. Also, Orpheus cannot look back at her until they are there, too. He looks back to soon, and is taken back.(EL)
Who helped Perseus receive the Magical Wallet, the Winged Shoes, and the Cap of Darkness?
Who gave Perseus a sword to kill Medusa?
His other name is Hephaestus. He is god of fire and blacksmith. He is unattractive. It is said that he was thrown off Mount Olympus because of his ugliness. Hera's favorite child. Made thunderbolts, shield for Athena, and chariot for Helios. His wife is Venus. Cracked open Zeus' head for Athena(EL)
What is the Roman name of Hermes?
Chinese goddess who saved the humans from a flood and a dragon.
Monkey king
was the king of Flower Fruit Mountain and earned his way into heaven by mastering 12 disciplines. Thought he was almighty and better than everyone towards the end of the story.(AJ)
In Roman Mythology, she was a Forest Nymph who was a marriage hater. Apollo chased her because he loved her but then her father, a river god, changed her into a tree for protection.(JD)
Jade Emperor
What is the Chinese equivalent of Zeus?
He is a Cyclops. He imprisons Odysseus and his Trojan soldiers. He is stabbed by a hot stake.(EL)
He is good friends with Apollo. He dies by a discus, which was thrown by Apollo, but it was an accident. Apollo created a flower in remembrance of him.(EL)
Tell me about the flower myth Hyacinth.
He is a handsome man with two girls that likes him. They are Persephone and Aphrodite. The two girls argue to see who should have him. Zeus says each gets to spend a half a year with him. When he is with Aphrodite, he dies from a boar. Each drop of blood was a flower, which was called Adonis(EL)
Who gave Perseus a shield to kill Medusa?
One of Apollo's good friends. He is killed by Apollo, accidentally, with a discus. Apollo later makes a flower named after him.(EL)
Which Male Lover tries to kiss his love through a hole in the wall separating their houses?
The wife of Ceyx and is worried deeply about Ceyx going away. .(WE)
Falls in love with Narcissus but always has the last word so she cant really talk to him.(WE)
Both sets of Gods have a supreme creator, the one who sort of sets up life on earth. For the Chinese it is Pangu, hatched from an egg making the universe, and the Greek god Uranus, the ancestor of life. There are also sun and moon gods. The moon has two goddess' named Artemis, Greek, and Chang'e. Both of these goddess' are related to the sun gods. Artemis is twins with Apollo, the Greek sun god, and Chang'e is wife to the Chinese sun god Hou. Both gods have a celestial ruler, for the Chinese it is the Jade Emperor & Greeks have the famous Zeus. Again both religions have a ruler of the underworld, Yama for the Chinese and Hades for the Greeks(AJ)
Compare the Greek and Chinese Gods and Goddesses?
God of Sky. Other name is Jupiter. Son of Chronus and Rhea. Ruler of Olympus. Wife is Hera. Favorite child is Athena. Likes women. He has children with other women even though Hera knows.(EL)
At first he was, but he later became untrustworthy. He at first protected the monkeys from despair but then made them wear shoes and neglected his duties and only wanted to become a god. His own persistence led to his downfall as a ruler and as a supreme being.(JD)
Was the Monkey King a good ruler?
Who was born from "sea foam"? (Roman Name)
Promises he will kill Medusa. Athena gives him shield and Hermes gave him special sword. Got directions from the Gray Women and killed Medusa. Saved Andromeda and they got married.(WE)

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