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Harry Potter Trivia

Harry Potter fun for HP fans everywhere!! Test your knowledge with ninety-nine questions that Harry Potter Freaks would die for!!!


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Madam Rosmerta
What is the name of the attractive and curvy bartender for whom Ron had always nursed a soft spot?
The Whomping Willow
What is the name of the vicious tree that Harry and Ron drove into in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'?
What is the name for the house for people who didn't fit in any of the other houses?
Ginny Weasley
Who is it: Possesed by the Dark Lord in the Chamber of Secrets and marries Harry (First and last name)?
Albus Dumbledore
Who is it: Greatest Headmaster Hogwarts has ever had (First and last name)?
According to 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore', What was Doge's nickname?
Troll leg umbrella stand
What item in the House of Black is infamous from Tonks tripping over it?
Arthur Weasley
What is the name of Ron's father? (first and last name)
What is the name of the "cunning" house where people who "will do anything to achieve thier ends" are sorted?
Godric's Hallow
Where did Harry live before his parents died?
Dudley Dursley
Who is it: Harry's overweight, pampered, and idiotic cousin? (first and last name)
Professor Flitwick
Who is the Head of Ravenclaw that teaches Charms? (title and last name)
I'll be in my room, making no noise at all and pretending I'm not there
Answer this correctly as Harry Potter (from the chamber of secrets) "Where will you be, boy?"
What is the name of the Weasley that (from book four until his apology in book seven) follows the ministry like a prat? (first name only)
Argus Filch
What is the name of the caretaker at Hogwarts? (first and last name)
Fill in the blank: We're here to learn from him, and now he's trying to ____________ out of it!
Sirius Black
Who is also known as Padfoot? (first and last name)
Minerva McGonagall
Who is it: Deputy Headmisstress of Hogwarts (first and last name)?
One Galleon
How much was Dobby paid a month in the Hogwarts kitchen?
What was the name of Hagrid's half-giant brother?
Confiscated and Highly Dangerous
When Fred and George stole the Marauder's Map from Filch's office, what was the file cabinet labled?
Molly Weasley
What is the name of Ginny's mom? (first and last name)
What house did the Sorting Hat suggest to Harry?
Peter Pettigrew
Who was nicknamed Wormtail, but Ron knew him as Scabbers? (First and last name)
What is the name of the Weasley that works with dragons? (first name only)
What is the occupation of Hermione's parents?
Remus Lupin
Who was the Whomping Willow planted for? (First and last name)
Petunia Dursley
What is the name of Harry's aunt? (first and last name)
What is the name of Voldemort's prized snake?
What is the name of the Birthday present Hagrid gave to Harry in the 1st book?
Draco Malfoy
Who was it:Boy that we all love to hate from book 1 that is in debt to Harry in the last book? (first and last name)
Harry Potter
Who is it: "The Boy who Lived"? (First and Last name)?
What is the name of the sport that all wizards love?
Who said it:"He held his head high and went about buisness as usual. I'm not sure he could read, though, so I'm not sure that was bravery."(Last name only)
Hagrid, Madame Maxime
Who are the two half-giants? (Male, Female)
Romilda Vane
Who did Ron suddenly have an infatuation for, after accidentally eating some love potion meant for Harry? (first and last name)
Who said it: 'We did it, we bashed them!"
Ronald Weasley
Who said it: "You're a girl"? (First and last name)
What is the name of the house that Luna Lovegood is in?
Destination, Determination, Deliberation
What were the three words that the Sixth Year students memorized to apparate? (D,D,D)
What is the theme of the tapestry near the Room of Requirement?
Who has famous Rock Cakes? (last name only)
If she was not put in Gryffindor, what house would Hermione Granger probably be in?
What is the name of the wizards prison?
Hogwarts, A History
What book does Hermione insist Ron and Harry read?
opal necklace
What did Katie Bell touch that put her in Saint Mungos in year 6? (include the type of gem)
What fruit must you tickle to get into the Hogwarts kitchen?
Dolores Umbridge
Who is it: 5th year Defense aganst the Dark Arts teacher (First and last name)?
What is the last name of the three brothers who origanally owned the Deathly Hallows?
What did Lavender Brown call Ron?
Rita Skeeter
Who has a famous acid-green Quik-Quotes Quill? (First and last name)
Hermione Granger
Who is it: The Gryffindor who marries Ron? (First and last name)?
Lily Evans
What was the name of the charming young witch who was friends with Snape? (maiden name, first and last)
Professor Sprout
Who is it: The Head of Hufflepuff and Herbology teacher (Title and last name)
Fred Weasley
Who said it: "Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies"? (First and last name)
Into how many pieces did Ron tear Percy's letter of congratulations on becoming a prefect before throwing it into the fire?
What is Hermione's middle name?
Rubeus Hagrid
Who is it: Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts (first and last name)
What is the name of the school that all witches and wizards attended in Britan?
Bill Weasley
What is the name of Ron's brother who works for Gringotts?(first and last name)
Neville Longbottom
Who is it:Heroic boy who chops off the head of Nagini in final book is one of Harry's best friends (First and last name)?
Professor Quirrell
Who is it: Two faced figure in Sorcorer's Stone? (Title and last name)
Fill in the blank: "Holy _________, you're Harry Potter!!" - Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger
Who in the 3rd year class wrote an essay on werewolves?
What did Dumbledore leave in his will for Ron?
What is the term used for bodies bewitched to do as a Dark wizard bids?
What is Mr. Malfoy's first name?
What shape does Harry's patronus take?
What is the name of the school Victor Krum attended?
Diagon Alley
What is the name of the alley filled with witches and wizards and (if you can't apparate or haven't got any floo powder handy) can only be entered through the Leaky Cauldron?
What is the name of the School of Witchcraft that Fleur Delacour attended?
George Weasley
What is the name of the twin that loses his ear in the last book? (first and last name)
What are the creatures who suck the soul out of people called?
Luna Lovegood
Who is it: The Ravenclaw who loves Radish earrings (First and last name)?
The imprint of a departed soul
What is a ghost? (According to Severus Snape)
Who is the poltergist at Hogwarts?
Tom Marvolo Riddle
What was the former name of Lord Voldemort?(Full name, please)
What is Dumbledore's sister's name? (First name only)
Vernon Dursley
What is the name of Harry's uncle? (first and last name)
Remus John Lupin
Who was a werewolf also known as mooney? (Full name)
What is the name of the house "where dwell the great at heart"?
Fill in the blank: Bad _____________!!! (smack, smack)
Who was the half-blood prince? (Last name only)
What is the name of the landlord of the Leaky Cauldrons?
Fred Weasley
What is the name of the twin that dies in the last book? (first and last name)
Fenrir Greyback
What is the name of the werewolf who bit Lupin? (First and last name)
Crabbe and Goyle
What is the name of the goons that follow Malfoy around as bodygaurds? (C and G)
What did Hermione squeeze in Fred and George's room that punched her?
James Potter
Who was an animagus known as Prongs?(first and last name)
Colin Creevey
Who is it: Petrefied in book 2 (camera) died in book 7 (first and last name)
Gildoroy Lockhart
Who is it: False Hero and writer of 'Magical Me' in who is also teacher in the 2nd book?(First and last name)?
If he was not put in Gryffindor, what house would Ronald Weasley probably be in? (please note this IS opinion)
Lord Voldemort
Who is it: Darkest Wizard of his age
What is the name of Draco's son?
Puking Pastils
What is the name of the sweet that makes you spew?
Blibbering Humdinger
Fill in the blank: "Ooohh, look! It's a ________________ _____________!"- Luna
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
What is Dumbledore's full name?
Mrs. Norris
What is the name of Mr. Filch's cat?
Dobby's Tea Cozy
Fill in the blank: "Percy wouldn't know a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing____________"
9 3/4
What is the name of the platform the Hogwarts Express leaves from? (numerical)

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