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ASTORIA ....people in Astoria were Greek but then people from Asia 亜 and Africa 阿 showed up and they were upset
アイ 2
Astoria has nice flavored ICES ...some are high quality and people Love 愛 them while others are Pathetic 哀
アク 2
AHH COOL is the name of the successful Astoria air-conditioning warming may be getting Bad 悪 but as heat gets its Grip 握 on Astoria AHH COOL is more and more successful
a Jamaican man sells 'ATS(U).. in Astoria's a good business but sometimes the racial tension leads too much Pressure 圧。
アン 4
ON-LINE Astoria is a little cyber you can Relax 安 Plan 案 lessons or your life while enjoying the Darkness 暗 of your coffee and plan the trip your Going 行 ON-LINE.
イ 21
EAST VILLAGE ...By Means Of 以Dropping 為 people from Italy 伊, Military Officers 尉, Doctors 医, Ideas 意 have mixed ...Surrounded 囲 by such Differences 違 of Admirable 偉 qualities your Horizontal 緯 view of life is challenged you wear new Garments 衣 relax about Rank 位 and become Reliant 依 on the gritty Fiber 維 of Easy 易 exchange of Uncommon 異 Stomachs 胃 Bequeathed 遺 by all sorts of Committees 委 who will not be Intimidated 威Solely 唯 by the pursuit of material wealth
イキ 1
EAST KEY FOOD eee-key products here Range 域 from bad to worse
イク 1
'E COOL Rasta Products includes those hats from Bringing Up 育 your dreads
イチ 2
One 丬㬬can take a Picture of I (One) 壱㬬with the critters
イツ 2
EAT SOUP is an out of the way joint where you can Elude 鬸㬬every One 丬
イン 12
LITTLE EENDIA (E. VillaEmployees 員 make Rhymes 韻 this Causes 因 you to suggest Matrimony 姻 to your girlfriend who Sounds 音off at the Institute 院 saying its a Stamp 印 Pulling 引 people into having Meals 飲  together and Shades 陰 and Conceals 隠 women's rights and gives men License 允 to control.
ウ 6
WOODSIDE ...OOSIDE.. is a residential area with houses with Eaves 宇 to catch the Rain 雨  there are also Stones 右 and Crows 烏 housing is cheap so you can Possess 有 an apartment for a few Feathers 羽。
ウン 2
When the German OONdertaker Carries 運 you to the resting place there are bound to be Clouds 雲
エ 6
Ehlectronic Center...Garments 衣 not popular here...This place Favors 恵 electroni Meetings 会 giant Picture 絵 TV’sand Reliant 依 3X-Times Times Square 回 electronics as one person needs.
エイ 10
AIds (Hearing AIds) takes an Eternity 永 but Swimming 泳 through the Recitation 詠 of models from England 英 Reflects 映 an Occupation 営 with customer care for the Defense 衛 of customers...the clerk Pointed 鋭 out the Shadow 影 which is hardly perceptible..the business really Flourishes 栄
EKI is a Japanese word for Station 駅 which makes it Easy 易 and Benefits 益 tourists and others...but it can be gross...strange Fluids 液 that cause Epidemics 疫 that is a Duty 役 of JR staff to protect
ETSUl Dealership ..doesn't have a big Audience 謁 because the Reviews 閲 caused a lack of Ecstasy 悦 for the ETSUl
hOboken used to be known as a Dirty 汚place that was Bad 悪and that had no Harmony 
Hoboken OUldfolks home ...the Venerable Old Man 翁took many Journeys 往to get to the Ouldfolks home...He went a strange Convex 凹palace and met both a King 王and an Emperor皇 in Europe欧...they tried to Assault殴 him and put him in the Core 奥of their Dungeon he turned Yellow 黄with disease until he managed to Push 押himself out Sideways 横climb to the top of A Cherry Tree桜 the Applyed応 to the asylum Center央 and was able to leave Europe欧
KAr dealership on 11th Avenue...KA dealer you ask if you Can 可see Below 下the highlights truck for camping..go to the River 河start a Fire火 and sing Songs 歌... or you can take it to your House家 and show the Woman that Married Into嫁 your House... this KA was just driven by Widow寡.. we can Add 加a self Erecting 架 can give me your Earnings 稼 and we'll sign a Provisional 仮 contract and if you don't find this car to be Excellent 佳 you can Change 化 ... this Ka can carry Flowers 花Freight貨 Baggage 荷 and What ever even Fruit 果and Candy 菓...look at this Chapter課 from our marketing Department 科 ... it's saved people from Calamities 禍 can fit a Whirpool 渦...they just can't Overdo 過...the Splendor 華 in this Car...what Value 価...not a lemon a Melon 瓜 your Spare Time 暇 you can take off your Shoes 靴and haul all sorts of Items 箇 around
A 億Hundred Million people have passed through the Oku Bar and the waiter has a 憶Recollection of everyone...there is the 奥Core of an oak tree decorating the place
乙 Oats natural bar has organic Fish Guts
On-Call Taxi has a 遠Distant range but if you make a 音Sound they will come...their drivers treat you with 恩Grace are 穏Calm and keep the seats 温Warm in winter
Kaiyak Dealership.....people from 皆All over the 界World are 介Jammed In for a 会Meeting...there are 階Storeys of Kaiyaks...Jammed In...絵Pictures of famous folks and 械Contraptions of all sorts...the 戒Commandments of serviceare up all over the place but they are going through hard 回 is facing 壊Demolition outside there is a 怪Suspicious character saying 悔Repent or you will return to the 海Sea... he wants to have a 改Reformation...still the staff is Cheerful as they stream along the 街Boulevard chanting to keep the place 開Open...the owner has been 拐Kidnapped and their plans may unravel...soon you may just have a bunch of 塊Clods and 灰Ashes where the store was
In the Guy's Wear Shop you can find on the 街Boulevard a man who has had his 概Outline drawn 外Outside...he has been 害Harmed...the 該Above-Stated Person 慨Rued the day he 劾Censured his fellow mafiosi and had to scan the 涯Horizon until he met his end

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