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19th CAH Part 1 Set #2


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How long did G Washington stay in office and what'd he do at the end?
2 terms (8 years) and he wrote Washington's Farewell Address to America
Which 2 warnings did GW give in his farewell address?
1. US policy of isolationism
2. Americans must unite
In the 1796 election, who ran and who won?
John Adams (Federalist) (VP under GW)
Thomas Jefferson (Dem.Rep.)
impressment =
take foreign people and make them join your army
Name the 4 problems between GB and America
1. GB still angry over losing American colonies
2. GB seizing Amer. ships
3. GB impressing Amer. soldiers
4. GB still had soldiers in forts in Amer.
Who did GW send to Europe to settle these issues and what was he?
John Jay, Supreme Court Chief Justice
What were the 2 provisions of Jay's Treaty? And what was left out?
1. GB pull its soldiers out of Amer.
2. GB pay for the ships it had taken and quit seizing more
! This left out the impressment of US soldiers
What made John Jay very unpopular?
Jay's Treaty i.e. leaving out the issue of impressed US soldiers
What was the significance of LA Purchase/Lewis and Clark?
1. inspire settlement
2. led to Manifest Destiny - Amer. on divine mission to expand all across continent
3. beginning of the end for Native Amer.
Name Jefferson's chierf aid; who the LA territory was purchased from; which city the expedition started at; which river they traveled up.
Merriwether Lewis; France/Bonaparte; St. Louis; Missouri River
What did Lewis and Clark do t the falls of the Missouri R? Who was the Shoshone chief? Why did the natives gather at the river? Which river did L&C take to the Pacific? Answer all of them NOW!!! :)
carry everything 17(00) miles around the falls; Sacagawea's brother; to watch the white men drown; Columbia River
Who became governor of LA territory?
Merriwether Lewis
What is an excise tax?
tax on a specific product
What had the gov't taxed and who was mad about it?
a group of Pennyslvania farmers
What did the angry PA farmers do?
They tarred and feathered tax collectors
What did GW do about the PA farmers incident? Why?
he and Alexander Hamilton led army of 15,000 men to PA - a similar thing had caused the downfall of the Articles of Confederation
What is the incident with the angry PA farmers called?
Whiskey Rebellion
What was the result of the Whiskey Rebellion?
people believed new gov't could protect its citizens
During the whole Burr/Hamilton incident, what position did Burr hold? How about Hamilton?
Burr - VP under Jefferson
Hamilton - Federalist, out of power
What did Aaron Burr run for and what did Alex Hamilton say?
Governor of New York, and Hammy said "DON'T VOTE FOR HIM!"
What happened after Hamilton said "don't vote for Burr!"
Burr wrote letters to Hamilton and eventually challenged him to a dual
Where did the dual between Hamilton and Burr take place?
Who won?
Weehawken, New Jersey
BURR won (Hamilton died)
Why did the Democratic-Republicans HATE the elastic clause?
They said if it's used, the fed'l gov't will take power from the states
What did the 10th Amendment say?
Any power not given to the federal gov't nor denied to the states should be given to the states
Who led Shay's Rebellion, when, and where?
Daniel Shays, a decade before the Whiskey Rebellion, Massachusettes
Which gov't couldn't control Shay's Rebellion and gave the people reason to not trust the gov't?
Articles of Confederation
What did the strict constructionists believe about the minimum wage law?
federal gov't shouldn't pass the law - the power isn't in the Constitution
What did the loose constructionists believe about the minimum wage law?
federal gov't should pass the law - because Constitution says gov't regulates interstate commerce
Name the 4 major functions of the National bank
1. fed. gov't have somewhere to keep its money
2. provide loans for businesses
3. sell bonds (give gov't loans)
4. aid in collecting taxes
Who was the creation of the National Bank a victory for?
Alex Hamilton and the rest of the Federalists
Name the leader of the Federalists.
Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the Treasury)
What did the Federalists believe/what characterized them? (4 things)
1. strong national gov't
2. from the north
3. businesspeople
4. loose constructionists
What is the elastic/necessary and proper clause?
Article 1 Section 8 - Congress may pass laws that are necessary and propler to carry out the powers enumerated in the Constitution
Name the leader of the Democratic-Republicans.
Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State)
What did the Dem.-Rep. believe/what characterized them? (4 things)
1. strong state gov't
2. from the South
3. agricultural
4. strict constructionists (went by original construction - aha - of Constitution)
During the 1805 - 1809 war in Europe, who was France's greatest enemy?
Fear itself. Just kidding - Great Britain.
What did the US do during the 1805 - 1809 war in Europe?
stay neutral, and make a TON of money by selling goods to both F and GB
What did F and GB do while the US was selling goods to both of them?
Double crossed us! They occasionally attacked our ships, stole the goods, and GB impressed our soldiers
Under Jefferson, which law was passed regarding the way GB and F were treating us as we sold them both goods?
Embargo Act (1807)
What does the Embargo Act say?
illegal for US to sell goods to other countries
What was the result?
US economy slumped
T Jefferson was allegedly the father of whose children?
Sally Hemings
What is a precedent and which did GW set?
a rule for others to follow - only 2 terms as president (precedent = president. Get it? Never mind)
Name 3 things that happened during G Washington's terms?
1. Judiciary Act of 1789
2. Fugitive Slave Act
3. creation of National Bank
Which 2 things did the Judiciary Act of 1789 accomplish? (not including writ of mandemous :)
1. set up Supreme Court of US
2. set up other federal courts
Name the 3 provisions of the Fugitive Slave Act.
1. slave hunters could capture slaves in any state - even if that state outlawed slavery
2. escaped slaves not entitled to trial by jury
3. if you help hide escaped slaves, you're fined $500
Who was the first president under the Articles of Confederation?
John Hanson (not John Handsome - come on, he probably wore a wig!)
Name the 3 goals GW had as president.
1. keep the US unified
2. neutrality
3. make sure new gov't works
What did GW really dislike and why?
political parties - they'd split Amer. into groups
What were the first 2 political parties and what did they believe?
Federalists - strong nat'l gov't, weak state gov't
Anti-Federalists (how clever) - strong state gov't, weak nat'l gov't
Why did GW want neutrality?
French Revolution - didn't want either F or GB mad at him (smart guy)
Why did GW want the new gov't to work?
Wouldn't you?
Who was president after the War of 1812?
James Monroe
What is the era after the War of 1812 called? Why?
Era of Good Feelings
1. high morale (we held off the Brits!)
2. time of political cooperation (Federalists obsolete - only 1 party)
Free state =
a state where slavery is illegal
Before the Missouri Compromise, how many free/slave states were there?
11 free, 11 slave
Which territory applied for statehood during the Missouri Compromise?
Missouri, of course
What did they call Henry Clay and who was he?
"The Great Compromiser" - Speaker of the House (of Representatives)
Name the 3 parts to the Missioura Compromise.
1. admit MO as slave state
2. admit Maine as free state
3. Missiouri Compromise line at 36*30* lattitude (?) in LA territory
What did the Missouri Compromise neglect?
the issue of slavery itself (shades of Jay?)
Which treaty ended the War of 1812?
Treaty of Ghent
Which term describes the War of 1812 and the way it ended?
"status quo ante bellum"
the way things were before the war
Name 2 things that were the same after the War Of 1812.
British still controlled Canada, and no side really lost any territory
Why was the War of 1812 significant? Give me 2 reasons.
1. US didn't lose to British - reaffirmed independance
2. heightened Amer. nationalism - patriotic pride
Name 1 possible reason the US didn't lost the War of 1812.
The Brits were busy fighting off the feisty little French guy named Napoleon
James Madison, a _________, was known as _____________.
Dem.-Rep./Republican; Father of the Constitution
Which act was passed to try and "fix" the results of the Embargo Act? What did this new act say?
Non-Intercourse Act - legal to sell goods to any country except F and GB
Did the Non-Intercourse Act work?
Who wrote Macon's Bill #2 and what did it say?
Nathaniel (good name) Macon
-legal to trade with F and GB IF they respect US neutrality
Who was Madison assured by that their countries would respect Macon's Bill #2?
-GB foreign minister (so what, he says prayers in Hindi?) David Erskine
-F dictator (mwwhaha) Napoleon Bonaparte
Did D Erskine and N Bonaparte lie to James Madison?
How had France gained the LA territory?
F had conquered Spain so they got all of Spain's stuff
Give 3 reasons Napoleon sold the LA territory.
1. needed money for wars
2. malaria - thousands of F troops had died in Haiti
3. he was sick
Who did Jefferson send to negotiate the purchase of Louisiana territory? How much did he pay for it?
James Monroe & Robert Livington (I presume); $15 million
Who did T Jefferson send to explore the LA territory?
Merriwether Lewis and William Clark
Name Lewis and Clark's 3 goals.
1. find Northwest Passage (Missouri R?)
2. collect data on flora and fauna
3. map the area
Name the most famous battle of the War of 1812. Was this technically even a battle in the war?
Battle of New Orleans
-technically, no, the war was over (but who cares about technicalities?)
In the Battle of New Orleans, who led the US forces?
Andrew Jackson
What was Jackson's "army" called in the Battle of New Orleans?
"Motley Crew"
Name 3 groups helping Jackson. (Extra credit if you get 4.)
pirates - led by Jean Lafeyette, Native Amer., freed slaves, soldiers (of course)
Name the leader of the British soldiers in the Battle of New Orleans?
Edward Packingham
In the Battle of New Orleans, who won? What did this do to Andrew Jackson's reputation?
the US
-made him really popular, they called him "Old Hickory" (not old poplar)
Name the 4 countries that made up the Barbary Coast of North Africa.
1. Morocco
2. Algiers
3. Tunis
4. Tripoli
What was happening near the Barbary Coast?
pirates were lurking around, demanding payment
Which policy was put into place concerning the barbary pirates? Who started it?
appeasement = give them what they want and hope they'll go away
-G Washington
What did T Jefferson do concerning the barbary pirates? So what did they do?
he wouldn't pay them; they declared war on US
What did Jefferson say about the barbary pirate situation?
"we'll spend millions on defense; not one cent for tribute" (You tell 'em TJ!)
What happened between the US and the barbary powers in 1805?
they both agreed to end the war and not attack each others' ships
Name the 2 candidates in the 1800 election.
John Adams & Thomas Jefferson
Who won the 1800 election and why?
Thomas Jefferson, he was a Dem.-Rep. and people were still mad at the Fed. for the Alien and Sedition Acts
Who came in 2nd for the 1800 election and so became vice president?
Aaron Burr (also Dem.-Rep.)
What did John Adams do before he left office (in 1800 election)? What is this called?
made dozens of appointments - "Midnight Appointments"
Were John Adams' appointments confirmed by the Senate? Were they signed by him? So what went wrong?
yes - yes - the secretary of state didn't deliver 4 of them by the time Adams left office
What did T Jefferson tell HIS secretary of state to do with the signed, confirmed, undelivered commissions?
he told James Madison not to deliver them
Who was William Marbury and what did he do?
he was a Adams' appointee and he took Madison to court (the Supreme, that is)
Who was the Supreme Court Chief Justice in Marbury vs. Madison?
John Marshall
What were John Marshall's 2 choices in the Marbury vs. Madison case?
1. Supreme Court order Madison to deliver the commissions, Madison wouldn't, and SC would look weak
2. Supreme Court could NOT order Madison to deliver the commissions, SC would look afraid to uphold what previous pres. did
What is a writ of mandemous? Which act (we think) put it into place?
court order that orders a gov't official to act - Judiciary Act of 1789
Who has the power to issue a writ of mandemous?
federal courts
What is judicial review?
power of the courts to deem if laws are unconstitutional
In Marbury vs. Madison, what was the SC and Marshall's final decision?
that a writ of mandemous is unconstitutional
What did the Dem.-Rep. say in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
that the Federalists were trying to help their own party (many new alients were joining the DR party)
What 2 acts/papers/things happened in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Who wrote the VA and KN resolutions?
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
Name 3 aspects to the War of 1812.
1. Washington, DC
2. Battle of Baltimore
3. Battle of New Orleans
During the War of 1812, what happened to Washing DC, and was this important?
Washington DC was burned to the ground; this was strategically unimportant but symbolically important (ya think?)
In the Battle of Baltimore, who was captured by the British?
a doctor named William Beanes (beanes, beanes, the magical fruit ...)
Who went to negotiate Beanes' release?
Frances Scott Key
What did the British do to Key? What were they planning to do?
-captured him
-attack Fort McHenry
The Star Spangled Banner is our ____________ _________.
national anthem (very good!)
Name 2 things the Star Spangled Banner orignally was.
cotton and dye?
1. a poem
2. The Defense of Fort McHenry
What happened in Congress at the height of the Quasi War?
Federalist-controlled Congress passed Alien and Sedition Acts (1798)
Name the 4 Alien and Sedition Acts.
1. Naturalization Act
2. Alien Enemies Act
3. Alien Friends Act
4. Sedition Act
Which act said a president may deport any alien from a friendly country if that alien is deemed a national threat?
Alien Friends Act
Which act said in order to be a US citizen you must live here 14 years?
Naturalization Act
What did the Alien Enemies Act say?
president may deport any alien from an enemy country if that alien is deemed a threat to national security
Which act made it a crime to critisize the governemtn?
Sedition Act
What was the result of the XYZ Affair?
2 year non-declared war with France - Quasi War (1798-1800)
Who aided America in the Quasi War and what did they do?
Great Britain
1. train our officers
2. provide US with weapons
3. communicate with our ships at sea
By 1800, what was the new gov't in France? What did he tell Adams? What did Adams say?
Napoleon Bonaparte - "Here's the D. France will stop, like, attacking Amer. ships if you, like, pretty much stop attacking French ships. Cool?"
Adams - "YEAH DUDE!"
After The Directory refused to meet with Charles Pinckney, what were J Adams' choices and which did he choose?
1. war
2. continue to negotiate (he chose this one - wouldn't you?)
John Adams sent 3 Amer. to France to continue to try to negotiate. What happened?
3 French officials demanded:
1. a bribe for each of them
2. a huge loan to F gov't
What was J Adams' reaction to the behavior of the 3 French officials?
he was angry - addressed Congress and said US had been insulted
When the DR didn't believe what Adams had to say about the 3 F officials, what did Adams do?
released the official documents with the F officials' names blacked out and replaced with XYZ (hence XYZ Affair)
When John Adams was in office, what was the F gov't called?
The Directory (a blank front page)
What were the Fr. doing to the US during John Adams presidency?
captured Amer. ships, stole them, stole the goods, threw US men into prison
Who did Adams send to negotiate with France? What was the French response?
Charles Pinckney
-refused to meet with him
Who was Pinckney's Treaty/___________________ between?
Treaty of San Lorenzo
-between Spain and USA
Why did the US make a treaty with Spain?
Amer. had just made a treaty with GB, and Spain wanted to make a treaty with Amer. too
Who did G Washington send to negotiate the treaty between the US and Spain?
Thomas Pinckney
Name the 3 provisions of Pinckney's Treaty.
1. US allowed to use Mississippi River
2. farmers allowed to store goods to New Orleans without paying a tax
3. America and Spain agreed on boundaries (Sp. territory ends at N. border of FL then goes W. to Miss. R)

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