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Social Studies-State Symbols, 4th Grade


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State Flower
* I was the favorite flower of Pres. Wm. McKinley.
*I became the state flower after Pres. McKinley's assassination.
* I have 2 words. The first is a color, and the second is an "automobile country." What am I?
scarlet carnation
State Insect
* My official name is Ladybird Beetle.
* I am harmless with black spots.
* I eat smaller insects. What am I?
State Animal
* There are more of me in OH today than there were at the time of settlement.
* Some 4th grade students requested that I be the state animal.
* The term used for my male kind is part of the name of Ohio's state tree.
white-tailed deer
State Stone
* My name with stone after it is the last name of a famous cartoon family.
* I am a smooth, hard rock and can be found in many different colors.
* When cut & polished, I am semi-precious.
What am I?
flint stone
State Beverage
* The movement to make me the state beverage started as a joke.
* Gov. James Rhodes encouraged people to drink me in 1963.
* When I became official, OH led the U.S. in production of me.
What am I?
tomato juice
State Tree* Originally, my name was used to insult rural Ohioans.
* Ohio pioneers used my wood to build their cabins.
* My fruit resembles the eye of a buck deer.
What am I?
State Wildflower
* I am found in all 88 countries of Ohio.
* I am a member of the lily family.
* I am easy to identify.
What am I?
white trillium
State Bird
* I became the state bird by unanimous decision in 1933.
* I am a permanent resident of Ohio.
* There is a major league baseball team with my name.
What am I?
State Fossil
* I am an extinct form of marine crustacean.
* I lived in the inland seas that covered much of N. America 500 million years ago.
* I became official in 1985. What am I?
List Ohio's state motto, song, and rock song below:
state motto: With God all things are possible.
state song: Beautiful Ohio.
State rock song: Hang On Sloopy.
1902 Flag, 17 stars means:
17th state to enter the Union.
1902 Flag, white "O" stands for:
1902 Flag, red circle is the:
buckeye nut.
1902 Flag; Red, white and blue only shaped pennant - 3 red/2 white stripes stand for:
Ohio's roads and water
buckeye means:
eye of deer
Ohio's pioneers were called:
Ohio's 1959 state motto was suggested by:
a 12 year old boy from Cincinnati
Our state beverage leads the country in its production. What drink is it?
tomato juice
flint stone was used to make:
knives made by Indians, guns, millstone.
The Great Seal of the State of Ohio is a real scene from:
Thomas Worthington's home near Chillicothe.
The 17 arrows on the Wheat of the Great Seal means:
Ohio is a farming state
17 rays of the Great Seal means:
17th state governor used the seal to stamp paper.
Our state insect, the ladybug, emits a smell to:
warn birds to stay away.
Ladybugs are helpful to:
farmers because they eat harmful insects.
Our state wildflower, the trillium, is found in ____ countries, grows in the woods, and has a ________ odor.
Our state reptile is the:
Which river in Ohio is considered a great river?
Indian River
What is the nickname of our state?
Buckeye state
Ohio is the Mother of _______________?
Ohio is the birthplace of ____________?
Ohio is the Heart of it ____?

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