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Ch. 2 Study Guide Questions


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What did Bantu-speaking people bring with them to Africa?
languages, farming, new weapons, and culture
Why were West African Kingdons powerful?
they controlled salt and gold trade
What is Pan-Africanism?
a movement that stressed unity and cooperation among all Africans
Where did the Ancient Egyptians settle?
On the Nile River
Who was Mansa Musa and why was he famous?
passed out an enormous amount of gold and spread the Islamic religion during his pilgrimage to Mecca.
Who were hunter-gatherers?
people who hunted wild animals and gathered fruit, nuts, and roots for food
Why did Europeans want Africans as slaves?
they didn't know the land, climate was similar and they were skilled in farming, mining, and metal-working
Who was the most important leader of Pan-Africanism?
Leopold Senghor
Why were Europeans able to colonize most African countries?
they had better guns
What were the two countries that stayed free during colonization?
Ethiopia and Liberia
How old are most African countries?
less than 50 years
What were the two main items traded along the Sahara?
salt and gold
What did Africans want after WWII
What did Nkrumah do the speak out against British Rule?
he organized boycotts and strikes
What was the African National Congress?
A political party taht protested laws that limited the rights of Black South Africans
As a slave, what was the last thing you would see before you left Africa?
The Door of No Return

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