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The Upstairs Room


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Who is the author of The Upstairs Room?
Johanna Reiss
How old is the little girl (the main character)at the beginning of the book?
6 years old
What is her name?
Annie de Leeuw
Who was the man that the radio talked about all the time?
What group of people did Hitler not like?
What country was Hitler from?
Where did Annie live?
Winterswijk, Holland
How close was Winterswijk to the German border?
less than 20 minutes away
What did Annie's father do for a living?
He was a cattle dealer
Who was the family who lived across the street from Annie's house
The Gans family
What are the names of Annie's two sisters?
Sini and Rachel
How old are they at the beginning of the story?
16 and 21
Who was Marie?
their sleep in maid
Where did Uncle Bram and his wife decide to move to?
Who did Annie's grandmother live with?
Uncle Phil and Aunt Billa
Where did Annie hide so she did not have to hear the radio?
under the blankets
In the fall of 1939,Rachel graduated from teacher's college- where did she work?
at one of the nursery schools in Winterswijk.
who started to work on a farm?
What two countries went to war against Germany when the Germans invaded Poland?
England and France
Why did Annie's father want to go to America?
Annie's family are jews and the German army was in Denmark and Norway and that was close to Holland
How did Annie's mother feel about going to America?
She did not want to go.
What did Annie father decide to do since Annie's mother would not go to America?
Build a house that was not going to be near the border- it would be on the other side of Winterswijk
What did Annie's mother complain of having?
On what date did the Germans invade Belgium and Luxembourg?
May 10th, 1940
What else happened on that date?
German tanks and soldiers were in their town
What were the people who think like Hitler called?
Nazis( or NSB-ers what they call them in Holland)
What did the Nazi do when he walked past Rachel and her sister?
He spat at their feet because they were Jews
How did Annie and her family find out what they could and could not do?
They had to read about it on a big poster that was stuck on a tree in the middle of the marketplace
Father was not allowed to do business anymore but he still did. Who did he go to?
He only went to those who liked Jews-would not tell the Germans that father still came to them
Why did Marie stop work for the family?
Her boyfriend was afraid the she would get in trouble because they are Jewish
Who had to stay home and help Mother?
Rachel got a letter from Germany -what did it say?
she was fired from her teaching job
Who is Willy Bos?
Annie's best friend
Why didn't Willy sit next to Annie anymore?
She wasn't allowed to because Annie was Jewish.
Who is Dr. Bos?
Willy's father and a vet who had taken care of Annie's father's cattle for may years
Why did Father write to Uncle Bram in America?
to see if he could help get them to America
Why was Father very angry?
Because of the announcement that everyone had to register at the town hall and carry papers with a J.
What did the J stand for
What was Annie' parents names?
Sophie and Ies
What happened to Annie when she began 4th grade?
Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend school
How is Hannie?
Annie's cousin
What was started for the Jewish children from around Winterswijk?
A school
Who was Mr. Herschel?
Annie's teacher
Every afternoon why did Mr. Herschel want Annie to stay afterschool for a minute?
He had a note he wanted Annie to give to Sini
What does Joden verboden mean?
Forbidden to Jews
Where were the Joden verboden signs at?
at restaurants and movie theater
What did the other children do to Annie and her classmates afterschool?
chased them yelled at them and hit and kicked them.
When did Annie and her family move into the new house?
it was almost October 1941
Who is Bobbie?
a little brown dog who Father brought home for Annie
Who lived on the farm close by.
The Droppers
How many children do the Droppers have
What Droppers child did Annie spend time with?
What happened in town one night in October?
German soldiers went through the streets in trucks and took the men.
What is Mauthausen?
the jail camp or concentration camp where the Jews were sent
Where is Mauthausen located
Where was Annie's father and Uncle Phil going to try and get to?
What did Annie and all Jewish people have to wear on their clothes?
a star
what did the star say and what color was it?
Jood (Jew) black letters on a yellow backround
What were the Jewish volunteers going to do?
get on a train leaving for a Dutch camp - a labor camp- where work had to be done for Germany
Annie's father wasn't going to go to the labor camp - what was he going to do?
He was going to look for a place to hide.
What happened to Mr. Herschel?
German soldiers picked him up
What did father want Rachel and Sini to do so that the Germans would not make them go to the labor camp?
start a nursery school in their house
What happened to Mother when her headaches got very bad?
she had to go to the hospital
Why did Rachel prepare meals for mother and take them to the hospital everyday?
The hospital could not prepare kosher foods
Who gave Annie permission to visit her mother in the hospital?
Dr. Bos
Why were they taking furniture over to the Droppers?
They did not want leave the furniture in the house for the Germans in case they went into hiding
What happened to Bobbie?
Father took him to a farmer who'll take good care of him
Who did father and Annie go and see if he could help hide the family?
Mr. Abbink
Who will Mr. Abbink contact to see if he can help Father
His wife's sister's husband who is a minister
What is the minister's name?
Reverend Zwaal
Where will Father go and who will he live with.
Mr. and Mrs. Hemmes
Why didn't Aunt Billa want to live with the family that would hide her, Uncle Phil, grandmother and Hannie?
They would not keep a kosher household for her.
Who would Annie, Rachel and Sini live with and what city was the house in.
Mr. Hannink
Whose friend was Mr. Hannink?
Uncle Phil
Why was Father angry with Rachel
She did not want to go because someone must stay to look after mother
What did the letter that Father received in October say?
By next week your family must go to a Dutch work camp.
Who was Miss Kleinhoonte?
Rachel and Sini's old highschool teacher who would help Mr. Hannink get the girls to Usselo
What did father and Annie tell Mother when they visited her in hospital the day before Father left?
After Father left, who came by to tell them that he made it safely to the Hanninks?
Miss Kleinhoonte
Since Rachel would not go with Sini and Annie, where was Rachel going to stay at night?
At Reverend Zwaal's home
What did Miss Kleinhoonte tell Sini she must do to get to Usselo?
she was to dye her hair and dress as a farm girl and bicycle to Usselo and Mr. Hannink would meet her
Once she met Mr. Hannink what would happen?
Sini was not to show that she knew him, just follow him and when he turns into a drive go in the garage & wait
What was Annie supposed to do?
get a boy's haircut and wear a sailor suit and get on the Winterswijk- Enschede bus & buy a ticket to Enschede
Why wasn't Annie not going to Usselo right away?
Usselo was such a small town that people would stare at her if she got off the bus
Who will meet her at Enschede?
a young girl named Dini Hannink
Where did Sini tell Mother that Father was?
he went into hiding in a fine hotel
What did Mother give Annie before she left the hospital?
a twenty five cent piece so Annie could buy something on the way home.
What did Sini tell Annie that would happen to Mother?
Mother is going to die soon.
Once Sini had dyed her hair with peroxide what did she do to her eyebrows that were black.
She pulled most of them out
Why was Sini upset when she came downstairs dressed as a farm girl.
She can't bear to stay in all day and she doesn't even look Jewish
Who followed Annie to the bus stop?
When the Dutch soldiers came on the bus to check everyone's suitcase, what did Annie say about hers:?
It is full of girls' clothes that she is taking to her aunt
How many fruit trees in the back of the house was Annie able to count?
What did Sini say about Father that made Annie upset?
he was scared and used to send Sini to collect money from farmers who didn't want to pay
What was Mr. Hannink building for the girls if it was too dangerous in the house?
an underground hiding place in the backyard
Who called Mr. Hannink to tell him that Mother had died?
Miss Kleinhoonte
What did Mrs. Hannink give the girls that they hung over their bed?
a calendar
What did Dini make for Annie outside when it snowed?
A snowman
What did Annie do on Christmas day while the Hanninks had company downstairs?
she tipped a chair over
why couldn't anyone know that the girls were upstairs?
they might tell the Germans and they would come and look and they would punish the Hannicks and take them away
A few days later, Mr. Hannink thought he was followed by a German soldier, what happened?
he was going to have the girls go away for awhile but they had stay in the hiding place for a night
What holiday was it when they went to the hiding place in the back?
New Year's Eve
What is the first thing that Annie wants to do when she is free?
pick up Bobbie
When Mr. Hannink took the girls from the hiding place where did he take them to?
What did the man tell Sini and Annie to call them?
call them by their first names - Johan, Dientje(wife), Opoe(Granny)

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