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The Renaissance


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Why did the Renaisance begin in the Italian city-states?
trading, geographical location, politics of city-states, etc.
What are financial supporters of the arts known as?
What was probably the greatest invention of the Renaissance?
printing press
Name 4 major Italian city states
Milan, Florence, Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Romagna (Papal States)
What economic developments allowed for secular patronage of the arts?
increased trade & banking
What is the term that signifies an interest with worldly issues such as politics & law?
The Age of Exploration was driven by desire for what 2 things?
spices & precious metals
What 2 noble houses fought in the War of the Roses?
Lancasters & Yorks
What issue caused a split between Thomas More & Henry VIII?
Henry's desire for a divorce
What does the word "renaissance" signify?
A rebirth of classical (Rome & Greece) culture
What work & author focused on man's ability to determine his own destiny?
"Oration on the Dignity of Man", Pico Della Mirandola
According to machiavelli, what was the primary requirement for being a Renaissance prince?
Name 2 key place where they did not?
Italy & HRE
How did leaders of the Renaissance communicate to the masses?
art that they patronized
Name Michelangelo's most famous painting & sculpture.
Sistene Chapel & David
What were the main characteristics of the Spanish Empire in America?
Catholic, social hierarchy, econ. dependence
What was Castiglione's main emphasis (The Courtier)
a prince's proper behavior for every situation
What language was "rediscovered" by Europeans during the Renaissance?
What technological process that preceded movable metal type made mass printing more feasible?
cheaper paper
Where did the Renaissance "begin" in Europe?
Name three countries where strong nation-states developed?
France, England, Spain
How did Renaissance art differ from Medieval art?
realism, accurate anatomy, secular patronage, more focus on nature, 3-d perspective
What was the "virtu" that Machiavelli so valued?
The ability to act heroically & decisively
What was the name of the most powerful banking family of Florence?
What was Erasmus's main message?
Living a simple & Christ-like life, unlike that of the popes
What treaty kept the Italian City-States unified?
Treaty of Lodi

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