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tale of genji
by muasaki shikibu, story of young prince genji, first novel, published in 1008, rebeals elaborate ceremonies and manners of japanese court life.
murasaki shikibu
female author of tale of genji
organization of earliest japanese society
clans: groups of families descended from common ancestor, ex: warriors, farmers, weavers, potters.
district where severeal clans formed a union, united much of japan, governed a small area of south korea, led by tenno clan.
tenno clan
led yomato union, descended from amaterasu, received three symbols of imperial power, set up japan\'s first and only ruling dynasty.
sun goddess
three symbols on imperial power
bronze mirror, iron sword, jeweled necklace.
missionaries introduced
buddhism and chinese culture to japan
sparked by chinese script, set of symbols that represent syllables
550 to 850
japan set on a course of deliberate cultural borrowing from china
prince shotoku
sent japanese nobles to china to study its court, art, gov\'t, literature, science, and philosphy.
chinese influences
goeernment, court rankings, confucianism, daoism, family, reverence for ancestors, farming methods, music, dance, sculpture, architecture, capitol city.
japanese identity
do not choose officials by merit, do not believe in mandate of heaven, did not change dynasties. emperor is divine figure. buddhism and traditional beliefs.
present day kyoto, where japanese showed genius for creative adaptation, divided into private estates.
ruled japan for 22 years, regulated court life.
warrior knights, waged fierce battles for control of the land, bound by loyalty.
local lords ruled land, bound to higher lords and emperor by ties of loyalty.
army chief general, most powerful samurai.
minamoto yoritomo
original shogun, strongest military figure in japan in 1192, started feudal class system.
social classes
samurai, comoners, peasants
toyotomi hideyoshi
most successful military leader to reunite japan.

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