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Chapter 29 Vocab

A quiz for Ms. Alton's class!


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Arno River
The river that ran right along Florence; made Florence a good place for trade and commerce
Dante Alighieri
A writer from Florence; wrote The Divine Comedy; an influence to other writer
Niccolo Machiavelli
A statesman, historian and writer during the Medici's rule; wrote the book The Prince; advised rulers to make certain decisions
An architect who designed and built the dome on the cathedral; invented hoists
One of the first sculptors to use a lifelike style; created work that expressed personality and mood
Medici family
The family that controlled Florence for three centuries; very wealthy; kept a strong military; very involved in the life in the city
The Statue of David
A famous sculpture by Michelangelo; influenced by Donatello
Divine Comedy
A book by Dante Alighieri; written in the 1300's; describes an imaginary journey to the Christian afterlife
Lorenzo the Magnificent
Member of the Medici family; patron of art and scholarship; ruled for more than 20 years
Leonardo da Vinci
Famous artist, scientist, and inventor; one of the most creative thinkers from the Renaissance
Italy's cultural center during the Renaissance; trade and commerce center
Girolamo Cardano
A mathematician who made breakthroughs in algebra and probability

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