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Chp. 29 Vocabulary Renaissance

The Renaissance period, full of art and religion.


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An architect that studied ancient Rome ruins, learned about math and buildings and eventually invented hoists
Medici Family
Florence's ruling family which had a major industry that was banking
An artist, sculptor, with a lifelike style in art, created lovely poems
Niccolo Machiavelli
Writer, historian, statesman who wrote The Prince
an city-state called "cradle of the Renaissance," city north of central Italy
Lorenzo the Magnificent
A patron of art and scholarship, ruled Florence
Divine Comedy
A biography book about Dante's journey through Christian places
Arno River
A river that runs through the city oif Florence
Girolamo Cardano
A man that studied algebra and math, gambling, probablitity and was a scientist
Dante Alighieri
A well known writer that wrote The Divine Comedy
The Statue of David
Michelangelo's most admired statue/sculpture
Leonardo da Vinci
A painter, inventor, scientist who painted the Mona Lisa

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