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Lemke fall exam


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Scientist who study the development of human culture are known as
Lucy the oldest hominid is an important discovery not only because of her age but also because she had
opposable thumbs
In prehistoric times women were equal to men because they
provided food, and therefore more calories when the hunt produced none
Of the following this was not a result of safer, more settled life of agricultural villages
nomadic lifestyle
slash and burn farming refers to
clearing land for farming
neolithic people in many parts of the world independently developed agriculture. Regions where agriculture developed during this period included
Africa, China & the Americas
The main result of domestication of animals was that humans
had a ready supply of meat products
advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutuons, record keeping, and advanced technology are
the five feautures of a civilization
Wedge shaped form of writing developed in anchient Sumer
The ideas and methods that historians use to do research is known as
Slavery, serfdom, indentured and wage labor are all exapmles of this world history theme
labor systems
The process by which ideas, beliefs, customs and goods pass from one group to another is known as
cultural diffusion
Textbook, encylopedias and editorials are examples of this type of source
Diaries, autobiographies, photographs, and artifacts are examples of this type of source
war, disease, technology or new crops all impact this world history theme involving changes in populations (bith, death, life expectancy)
demographic changes
The political, economic, social and cultural behavior of and perceived expectations for women and men is known as this world history theme
gender roles
the fourth step of historical research is to evaluate evidence by checking sources for meaning, or what the words of the document actually say, and this, or truthfulness and accuracy
when a source favors one side and/or gives a particular view of an event, a view that is not necessarily negative, but is indicated through loaded words, the source is using
In the fifth step of historical research, historians interpret their topic, contributing to one of the six philosophies of history. There are two types of historical interpretation
This philosophy of history holds that all human relations, and therefore history, is shaped by interaction between women and men
This philosophy of history holds that economics are at the root of all human action, and therefore history
Sumer, the first known civilization which flourished between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, was in this modern-day country, located in southwest Asia or the middle east
The earliest evidence of reflective thought such as burying the dead, is associated with the Neanderthal people named for a valley in this Western European country

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