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Which micing techinque is where you can point a pair of directional mics with the capsules toward each other,while aiming at the sound source?
Coincident stereo micing: X-Y M-S Blumlien Array
What is the most important element to proper micing techinque and why?
Placement is the most important technique because the performance of the mic is dependent of the placement of the mic with regards to the pattern of the mic.
True or false: Two of the same microphones with the exact same model number considered a matched pair.
FAlSE!!! in order for two mics to become a matched pair, they must be benched tested to make sure they have a MATCHED FREQUENCY RESPONSE
What type of microphone is the best choice for recording a sound source with a high SPL level?
Dynamic microphone
What type of microphone is the best choice for recording a sound source with a wide dynamic range?
Condenser microphones
What Micing Techinque would allow you to make a room or space wider than It actually is?
M-S micing
What is the most important thing to check when using multiple mics on one instrument?
PHASE!!!! PHASE!!!! PHASE!!!!!!
What type of microphone pattern is best suited to to record drum ambience in a live sounding room?
Omni-directinal Microphone
What is the best technique involving phase reversal to make a sound source ( a Tom or snare for example) sound deeper than it really is?
one mic on top of the source and one mic on the bottom of the source; the bottom source will have its phase reversed to give the perception of depth.
Give some common choices that would be best for for close micing a High SPL source?
Any DYNAMIC microphone can handle a HIGH SPL! Some common choices are a BETA 52, AKg D112, Senheiser MD 421 and BETA 56 are good choices.
Scenario: An engineer asks you to set up M-S micing using the same pair of mics, name some mics that you can use?
Neummann U-87, Neumann TLM 170, and AKG C414 are possible choices because they all have the capability to use bi-directional and cardioid patterns!
Why do we store analog tape "Tails Out"?`
To make sure print through occurs after the original sound source. Remember, print-through CANNOT BE PREVENTED!!!!!
What is the function called that allows you to rewind and fast foward tape at half-speed allowing for a better "packing" or storage of tape?
Library wind
Which component of the tape machine spins at the same speed the tape is trveling, converting this information into tack pulses for the comparitive circuit?
What is a true characteristic of analog tape with regards to the noise floor?
Every time the number of tracks double, the noise floor increases by 3dB!
If a 10' reel of tape yields 2500 ft of tape, how long is the recording time when using 30ips? 15ips?
at 30 ips: recording time is 16mins, 40secs; at 15ips: rec time is 33 mins, 20 secs.
True or false: 30 ips gives the best overall frequency response, while 15ips give better low end response
TRUE!! the slower the tape travels, the more low frequecies can be captured to tape.
Which listening mode on the studer is best for mixing sessions?
Repro mode
What must the studer be set on to be controlled by another machine?
EXT on the tape machine; this allows the engineer to control the tape machine from the master section of the console.
Give the facts of the MRL level:
185 nwB/M= 0vu, 250nwB/M=+3, 370 nwB/M=+6, 520 nwB/M= +9 In order to calibrate tape/op levels, then the equation MRL-OP=0Vu must be applied
True or false : Bias OPTIMIZES the liner transfer of signal to tape.
What bias adjustment techinque invloves an 8khz (coarse) and 16kHz (fine) tone to a specified number of dB past the peak?
Over Bias
What is the most accurate way of adjusting repro azimuth?
By using the Mono Meter Method.
How many busses does the SSL AWS 900+ have?
How do you Solo Isolate a channel on the SSL AWS 900?
This cannot be done on the SSL AWS 900!
On the tape machine, what is the method called to adjust repro azimuth using an O-scope?
Dual trace and X/Y method.
How many dedicated aux sends are on the SSL AWS 900+?
In AWSomation, when you trim a fader on the SSL AWS 900, what happens to the previous automation data?
An offset is added to or subtracted from the previous automation data.
What are the common tones for recording azimuth?
8Khz and 16 Khz
Recall data and Automation data on the SSL AWS 900 are stored as _________ data
SysEx (MIDI)
Which type of code does the SSL AWS 900 use for positional reference?
User-defined sets of parameters on the Lexicon 480L and 960L are.....?
What do you press to change configurations on the 480L and 960L?
Control on the 480L Config on the 960L
On the 480L, the configuration of when the output of machine A is going to the input of machine B is called...?
What describes the pre echo paramater on a 480L reverb program?
Early refletions.
What is configuration on the 480L in which machine A and B receive the same inputs, but the outputs are routed to the outputs of the mains and auxes?
Stereo Split
What is the configuration on the 480L where it uses two independent signal processors and route the outputs to the mains and auxes?
Mono split.
What is the phenomenon of cancellation or reinforcement at different frequencies called?
Comb Filtering.
What processor lowers the noise floor?
A noise Gate
What compressor is "frequency dependent"?
A De-Esser
Sudden and unwanted deep gain reduction is called...
Describe a Peak limiter and a Leveling amplifier.
Peak limiter-a compressor with a fast attack and medium/fast release. Leveling Amp-Med attack, med/slow release, high ratio, low threshold
What is it called when a compressor begins its gain reduction?
Knee or slope.
The amount of attenuation when the gate is closed is called...?
What is the first 16-bit sampler of the MPC
MPC 3000
What is the most common form of word clock for MIDI instrument and sound modules?
MIDI beat clock
A series of digital addresses applied to an audio stream to provide machine-readable adress is called....?
SMPTE time code
How many voices and tracks does the MPC 2000 XL have?
32-voice and 64 tracks
Who was the engineer known for new technologies, mostly the billy joel catalog and recording frank sinatra?
Phil Ramone
Who engineered Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
Alan Parsons
What is the act of moving audio from several different sections of two or more tracks and re-assembling on a single track is normally referred to as?
what is the act of moving audio within the multitrack by means of a secondary storage space normally referred to as?
Fly-ins "Wildtracking" is when two or more machines are not locked to together by any common sync source.
What is the difference between an audio subgroup and a fader(VCA) group?
In an audio subgroup, the dynamics, EQ, and panning information follow the signal.
When recording bass, it is commonly practiced, although not confined to, using using which signal for attack and which signal for body?
The DI (direct in) box gives more attack, where the bass amp can give body to the signal.
What is the correct signal flow for Re-Amping, starting at which poin of origin?
1.Patch out the MTR to the MIC lines 2.Mic panel>turnaround>re-amp box>1/4 amp 3. connect mic to the mic panel.
Which patch points would not be a good place to return an outboard mic pre?
Mic amp or channel mic in! You would be amplifying a pre-amplified signal. Result=distortion
What happens to signal flow when the sub-gp switch is activated on the SSL?
the signal comes from the buss to the channel I/O
What is the purpose of the re-amp box?
To change balanced line level signal into unblanced mic level signal.
What specific changes happen occur in the consoles signal flow when the channel output function is engaged?
The signal goes from the large fader to the small fader
Why would engineers typically place the aux and cue sends AFTER the MTR in signal flow?
So that both live sources and playback from the MTR will go to the cues & effects
Using the SSL 9000/J, what patch point would be best using channel output function and an outboard time-based processor?
Group output
What is the proper routing for a mix engineer to "throw" a vocal: The engineer wants to "throw" the vocal on I/O 20 to an effects processor, given that the "throw" is set up on I/O 24?
On I/O 20: Press Pst LF and buss it to I/O 24 On I/O 24: on the buss, Sub GP, take it out of the stereo bus( On the large fader; On the small fader press post LF. THEN ROUTE IT TO AN OPEN BUSS On the patch bay: GRP Out>processor, return the processer to open I/O on console.
How would you accomplish the aural illusion of sound moving backward and forward within the stereo field?
Simply adjust the relationship between the dry and the wet signal!
What version of the final mix includes all tracks except the lead vocal?
When setting up an audio subgroup on the SSL 9000/J in MIX MODE, and returning the subgroups to the large fader, which 2 buttons on the sub gp's I/O's must be engaged?
Sub-GP and LF Mix
What monitoring volume is the most accurate level to check relative balance of your mix?
LOW volumes!
What are the three Automation Protection Modes on the SSL AWS 900 console?
Manual, Safe, Auto
In a compressor, what kind of knee immediatley reacts when signal crosses the threshold?
Hard knee
In a compressor, what kind of knee gradually reacts when signal crosses the threshold?
Soft Knee
A set of instructions for accomplishing anything that has a recoginzed end result, often having steps that repeat or require decisions of logic and comparison?
An Algorithm
What is it called when two arrays of numbers of different size, but of the same diminsionality, to produce a 3rd array of numbers of the same diminsionality?
On the tape machine, what is leakage of signal info to adjacent tracks?
On the Tape machine, what is it called when audio from one track "leaks" into another heightwise, resulting in incorrect low frequency response?
What is used to cut master laquer?
a Lathe
What are the common bias adjustmenst for tape cal?
Overbias=10 Khz Peak=1Khz Min modulation noise= 7Hz THE RECORD LEVEL IS ALWAYS 0VU!
Generally speaking, the tapes on which the artist records on are owned by who?
The record label
What is typically included in the studio rate?
The equipment in the room and an assistant
Markets known for significant amounts of production, but typically lack elements including product and other major support industries are known as what type?
Secondary market
What is the most effective way to record "live" drums as MIDI data?
Drum triggers
What is the main reason for having a console in a project studio?
Easier cue monitoring, no latency, and the studio looks professional
What is a cost effective way to reduce reflections within a project studio?
Use AC ductboard/ cut panels to capture refletions
The CD master needed for replication that contains the PQ codes needed to represent the start and end times of each track is called what?
Red book master
When recording the final mastered mix to ANY 2-track, what should always be monitored?
The destination. (the 2-track. destination, not source, should ALWAYS be monitored when recording anything to anything, as a general rule.)

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