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reading test


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3 stages of reading
phonological awareness phonemic awareness phonics
3 word structure cues
semantics syntax visual
alconian boxes
push markers into the boxes to represent sounds not phonics
initial sounds
alphabetic principle
letters represent sounds
use word families to help them read new words
automatic word recognition
predict relationships between written and speech recognize word families
2 letters each sound is heard
book handling skills
left to right track print 1:1 correspondence
bound morphemes
cannot stand alone
closed syllables
ends in a consonent
concept web
web or map using prior knowledge
concepts of print
print carries meaning permanent text story sequence
sounding out phonics
2 letters one sound
ELL learners
need to connect new sound to letters
emergent writing
begins early models; scribbles writing
environmental print
print carries meaning in many ways in our lives
history of where a word comes from
explicit phonics
systematic and sequence phonics program students break apart words to sound them out
accuracy and speed
free morphemes
can stand alone
Gentry Spelling Test
assesses phonics skills
written letter
Greek and Latin roots
medicine and science words help figure out meaning of a word
guided reading
reading as a group; teacher led
same letters; sound same
same sounds; spell different
no set pattern or consistency in a reading program
inferential comprehension
infer the ideas the author is trying to convey; predict
inferential questions
what can be inferred from text
informal reading inventory given to one student to check fluency and comp
letter formation
teach both upper and lower case
literal comprehension
take the main ideas and know what is the cause and effect
literal question
question of facts from text
miscue analysis
checks deocding and word id strategies
smallest unit of meaning
open syllable
ends in a vowel
spelling study of words
smallest unit of sound
phonemic awareness
seperate phonemes individual sounds blends and segment sound in a word onsets and rimes oral language/sounds only
phonetic spelling
spell by ear
phonological awareness
chunks oral language number of words or syllables in a sentence syllabication - a chunk clapping out, tap, count syllables
running records
checks deocding and word id strategies
background knowledge make connections
long u sound a-long whis-tle
semantic map
concept web to build on more complex ideas
story mapping
take main incidents and relate to text
structural analysis
how is the word built
sythetic phonics
convert letters to sounds blend pattern
transitional spelling
spell by eye
vowel diphthongs
odd ball sounds oy, ow, oi, ou
word structure analysis
morphemes, affices, roots and base words

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