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unit 2


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Nolo contendere
a plea in which the defendant does not admit to guilt but also does not contest the charges
pretrial motion
preliminary proceeding
motion for discovery
request by defendant to examine b4 trial certain evidence in the possession of the prosecutor
motion for continuance
more time
motion to suppress evidence
certain evidence cannot be allowed to be present
give up their right to a jury trial and have the case heard by a judge
court order asking the witness to come to court
aggravating circumstances
more severe punishment
mitigating circumstance
less severe punishment
parens pariae
parent of the country
another reason for punishing criminals
delinquent offenders
youths who committed acts that would be crimes if committed by adults
status offender
youths who committ acts that would not be crimes if committed by adults
court officials decide if a complaint against a juvy should be referred to juvy court
prventive detention
protecting the community and the juveniles from future crime consequences
adjudicatory hearing
determine the facts of the case a juvy charged with a delinquent act
primary reason for putting people in jail
when someone does something as a result of coercion or a threat of immediate danger to life

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