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G5-C9-The Middle Colonies


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Chapter 9
The Middle Colonies
Someone who leaves one country to come and live in another is __________.
an immigrant
Which phrase describes the geography of New Jersey and Delaware?
"flat or gently rolling"
Benjamin Franklin organized our nation's first __________.
fire department
The line that divides the Piedmont and the coastal plain is called __________.
Fall Line
The elevation of the Adirondack Mountains ranges from ___________.
800 to 6,000 feet
A lawmaking body is known as __________.
an assembly
The edge of settlement, beyond which was an area thought of as wilderness, was called the __________.
Benjamin Franklin led the effort to have Philadelphia's streets __________.
The Quakers refused to serve in the army or navy because they __________.
did not believe in killing
The people of the Middle Colonies used the rapids at the Fall Line to their advantage by __________.
building water-powered sawmills
The Allegheny Plateau crosses New York and __________.
Name a mountain range located west of the Hudson River.
the Catskill Mountains
Name a city located on the Allegheny Plateau.
The Middle Colonies of New York and Pennsylvania stretch across __________.
the Appalachian Mountains
Which area of New York is at the lowest elevation?
the Hudson River Valley
A book filled with facts about many subjects is called __________.
an almanac
The trial of John Peter Zenger was important because it established __________
freedom of the press
The Adirondack Mountains are in the __________ corner of New York.
The Pennsylvania Dutch came to the Middle Colonies from which country?
About how many miles is it from Elmira to Rochester?
To make the city of Philadelphia safer, Benjamin Franklin fought for __________.
street lights
Who started the first lending library in the English colonies?
Benjamin Franklin
What is one of the primary beliefs of the Quakers?
All people are equal.
William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania as a __________.
holy experiment
The belief that people did not need preachers or churches in order to understand God came from the __________.
What caused the Scots-Irish to move west into the Appalachian Mountains?
The best farmland had been taken.
What was the occupation of most of the colonists in the Middle Colonies?

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