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Sociology Midterm


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The systematic study of human social relationships in groups and societies
A position in society
Expectation of behaviors associated with status
Prescribed role
societies set notion of how one should act
Role set
Array of different behaviors attatched to the same status
expectations of behaviors in society (social rules)
Shared ideas of what is good
Social Institution
Widely set of beliefs, norms, and procedures for meeting societies need.
Conflict theory
Social processes of conflict, competition, and change. Concerned with inequality. Always some who want power over others.
to understand by wlaking in someones shoes
Social Facts
Durkheim. Patterns of behavior that define a certain group.
Property/Prestige/POlitical power
Social Integration
degree to which people feel a part of social groups. Durkheim
Social power breaks down, and a state of normlessness ensues. Ex 9/11
Social Reproduction
class structure is reproduced from generation to generation
Achievement Ideology
belief that effort is rewarded with success.
Agency-Structure Linkage
An individuals ability to act in broader social structure.
Social Capital
Networking, and the people that you know that help you form connections.
Cultural Capital
It is what you KNOW that helps you in society.
Human Capital
It is your experience (resumés) that help you in society
Attitudes, Beliefs and Experiences that affect how you see reality.
Goals without restraints
Feminization of Poverty
trend in U.S. where women head most poor households
Culture of Poverty
Conservative view that poor people have different values and beliefs than the rest of society.
Deferred gratification
Working hard now to get what you want later
Intergenerational mobility
Changes in social class between one generation to the next
Exchange mobility
the flux of people moving up and down the social ladder
structural mobility
Change in class due to changes in society
1. Economics is determining factor of social class 2. proles and bourg. 3.Proles must have revolution and start over
Religion= driving force 2. religion linked to capitalism
The protestant ethic
Deferred gratification through frugality that emphasizes money and leads to capitalism. Society should be value free
Social integration important in decision to commit suicide. All societies have different degrees of soc integ. More subjective than weber.

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