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Pierson Quiz II Deck


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Define developmental canalization.
Developmental canalization is a process that buffers the organism against random changes.
Give four facts about Gregor Mendel.
Born 1822 & Died 1884 in Austro-Hungarian Empire Flunked out of an university in Vienna considered the founder of the science of genetics
What does the theory of blending inheritance state?
The theory of blending inheritance states the phenotype of the offspring will be an intermediate between the phenotype of the two parents.
What was Mendel's first contribution?
He falsified the theory of blending inheritance and substituted the theory of particulate inheritance.
What is the scientific name for garden pea?
Pisum Sativum
Define the theory of particulate inheritance.
The theory of particulate inheritance hypothesizes that all discrete particles are in a cell. Alternative forms of these particles account for genetic variation in inherited characteristics. Each particle has only one characteristic.
Define probability.
Probability is the number of ways an event can occur divided by the number of possible outcomes.
What are two systems of sex determination?
1) Chromosomal 2) Environmental
What are all the gender genotypes of Drosophila Melanogaster?
XX - female XY - male XO - male (infertile)
Why is XO genotype for fruit flies considered male?
In fruit flies, it is the absence of the second X chromosome that makes it male.
What are the genotypes of people with Turner's Syndrome and Klinefelter's Syndrome? Give gender also.
XO - Turners (female) XXY - Klinefelters (male)
In the WZ system give the genotype of the male and female.
WZ - female WW - male
Give an example of environmental sex determination.
Alligators and turtles lack sex chromosomes. Their gender is determined through temperature.
What is the mode of inheritance and symptoms of cystic fibrosis?
Autosomal recessive; large secretions of mucus in the lungs
What is the mode of inheritance and symptoms of Huntington's disease?
Autosomal dominant; neural degeneration
What is the mode of inheritance and symptoms of Red Green Colorblindness?
X linked Recessive; inability to distinguish between red or green
What is the mode of inheritance and symptoms of Hemophilia?
X linked recessive; failure of blood to clot
What is the mode of inheritance and symptoms for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?
X linked recessive; atrophy of the muscles
Define the product rule.
The product rule states that the probability of the individual events both occurring at the same time is the product of their individual probabilities.
How do we solve the dosage compensation problem?
We solve the dosage compensation problem by the creation of Barr body. One of the X's is chosen at random and is hypercoiled.
Tell two facts about the SRY genes.
SRY genes determine maleness and is regarded as the testis determining factor.
What are six things you have to label on the diagram labeled "Human Sex Chromosomes"?
Pseudoautosomal Region 1 Pseudoautosomal Region 2 SRY gene Centromere Differential Region of X Differential Region of Y
What is the goal of genetic analysis?
The goal of genetic analysis is to identify all the genes that affect a specific phenotype and to understand their genetic, cellular, developmental and molecular roles.
Define the concept of complete dominance.
One allele is completely dominant to another when the heterozygote has the same phenotype as one of the two homozygotes.
How do you determine which allele is dominant?
The dominant allele is said to be found in the homozygote that has the same phenotype as the heterozygote.
Define the concept of incomplete dominance.
One allele is incompletely dominant to another allele when the heterozygote has a phenotype that is intermediate between the two homozygotes.
Define the concept codominance.
One allele is said to exhibit codominance with respect to another allele when each allele produces its full phenotype in the heterozygote.
What is polymorphism in the loosest sense?
Polymorphism in the loosest sense means there exists in a population more than one discretely different forms of a character.
What is polymorphism in the strictest sense?
In the strictest sense, polymorphism refers to the existence of more than one allele at a locus in a population. There must be at least two alleles in the group that have a proportion greater than 0.01.
Define multiple allelism.
Multiple allelism refers to the existence of more than two alleles at a locus.
What is Mendel's Second Law?
Mendel's Second Law (the principle of independent assortment) says that gene pairs on different chromosome pairs assort independently at meiosis.

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