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Suicide because ties to group too great
Altruistic suicide
Suicide b/c disruption. People feel hopeless
Anomic suicide
Suicide bc indv emphasized over group
Egoistic suicide
Res. Technique that compares stats and historical records to test theory
Comparative method
Set of people who interact more or less regularly. Conscious of ID as unit
Large complex network of positions created for specific purpose and characterized by hierarchical division of labor
Set of expectations associated with particular status
Content Anaylsis
Studies of recorded messages
The problem you get when you intrude into peoples lives and affect the experiment
Shard, taken-for-granted values, beliefs, objects and rules that guide people's life
Standard of judgment by which people decide on desirable goals and outcomes
Defined rules of conduct
Nonmaterial Culture
Nonphysical products of a society created over time and shared: Ex: Knowledge, beliefs, customs...
Material Culture
Physical artifacts that shape or reflect the lives of members of a particular society
Heteronormative Culture
Herterosexuality norm and they tend to be socially priviledged
Direct social response to some behavior
Norms which are taken very seriously by society
Norms that have minor consequences
Sick rule
Widely understood set of rules about how people are supposed to behave when sick
Institutionalized norms
When a pattern of behavior becomes widely accepted within a particular social institution and taken for granted in society (Slavery)
Transexuals &Intersexuals
People who ID with a diff sex. Inter: Sexual dist. unclear
Controlled mating that attempts to ensure "defective" genes not passed on to future generations
Anticipatory Socialization
Young indv socialized in a way that will be useful in social statuses
Looking glass self
We use the reactions of others towards us as mirrors in which we see ourselves and det self worth
Game stage
Occurs when in organized activities. Begin to realize organization of roles
Individualist & Collectivist culture
Indv: Personal accomp key part of person's self concept
Impression Management
The process by which people attempt to present a favorable image of themselves
Impression formation
Immediate impression formed based on cues (social, age, race, class (after a time))
Analyzing social interactions as a series of theatrical performances
Performance team
Those individuals who intimately cooperate in staging a perf. Leads audience to form impression of one or all the members
Aligning action
Action to remedy situation. Ex: Apology
Verbal statement to explain embarrassing behavior
Assertion given before facts to forestall complaints
Cooling out
Gently persudating someone oto accept less desireable but still reasonable ID
Permanent spoiling of someone's ID. Based on body, character, or memebership
outside group/inside group
Two or more peresons who are related by birth adoption or marriage who live together in one household
Neolocal residence
Married couple expected to est. households sep from fam
Absolute poverty
Can't afford healthy existence
Competitive individualism
Those who succeed= those that work hardest
False consciousness
Lower classes come to accept belief system that harms them
Group that work for minimum wage or are chronically unemployed
Dist b/w social class and socioeconomic status
Social class just about econ position. Socioeconomicstatus takes into account other factors like prestige
Panethic labels
Terms applied to diverse subgroups assumed to have something in common
Sense of community that derives from the cultural heritage shared by a category of people w/ common ancestry
Skin color prejudice w/in ethno-racial group
Rigidly held, unfavorable attitudes, beliefs, about members of a diff group based on social characterisitc
Unfair treatment based
Pay Equity
Men and women of perform jobs of equal value to society and that req. equal training ought to be paid equally.

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