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Did Ms. Thomas give a reason for discounting this source?
Yes, though Ms. Thomas may have discounted Jan Patel too soon, it seemed to Ms. Thomas that Patel was only seeking attention and TV time, which is an acceptable basis for discounting.
In your opinion how could have Ms. Thomas reported better?
In my opinion, Ms. Thomas should have attended Drew Walton’s press conference afterward, but just because Ms. Thomas was not there, does not mean BNN did not take it into account.
What do you mean BNN took it into account?
Well, Kit Berkshire watched the Walton press conference before giving Ms. Thomas permission to run the story, this decreases any of Thomas’s shortcomings.
So did BNN as a whole ignore Drew Walton’s side of the story?
No, Kit Berkshire watched the press conference before giving Reagan Thomas permission to air the story.
Could BNN have done anything better in airing this story?
Yes, some statements were stated too strongly.
Is there anything Reagan Thomas did to reduce an overstatement?
Yes, in the actual airing Thomas blurred the line between opinion and fact. Thomas offered many of the statements as her opinion.
Why is this important?
Well, it reduces the likelihood that the statements were patently false.
Was there anything else Thomas did to reduce any possible overstatements?
What were those things?
Thomas used phrases like “it appears,” “possible involvement,” and “uncertainty” to reduce overstating the facts.
Do you know what Blitz News Network did after the publication?
What did they do?
They retracted their statement once a police report came out ruling it was suicide.
Is this important?
Yes, I applauded BNN for this decision. To me it was the correct decision.
Does a retraction mean the report was unethical?
No, a retraction does not necessarily imply that the original news report was not fully investigated or that the journalist has done something wrong.

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