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External Morphology


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What are the 4 parts of the labium?
1.labial palp
4.paraglossa (lower lip)
3 parts of the maxilla?
1.maxillary palp
2.Lacinia (cardo, stripes)
3.Galea (helmet like)
2 parts of mandible?
What is the hypopharynx?
What is the labrum?
"upper lip"
What is the vertex?
Top most part of the head
What is the frons?
The anterior, uppermost part of the head of an insect.
What is a characteristic of a compound eye?
Composed of many light-sensitive elements, each having its own refractive system and each forming a portion of an image.
What about an ocellus?
A small simple eye, usually consisting of a few sensory cells and a single lens.
What is the tentorium and what does it do?
A membranous cover or horizontal partition that 1) strengthens the structure and 2) is an important site for muscle attachment.
A stalklike part, such as a feather shaft or a segment of an insect's antenna.
Ecdysial lines?
Lines of weakness between adjacent sclerites during molting with insect uses to escape exoskeleton.
What human organ is annalogous with fat body?
What is hemolymph?
Insect "blood"
What is the trachael system?
A type of respiratory system where tubers extend throughout the body and gas exchange occurs directly with cells.
tergite refers to
pleurites refer to
sternites refer to
what is the scutum?
Scutum is the Latin word for any type of shield,
What is a scutellum?
A shieldlike bony plate or scale
What are the 6 parts of the leg?
6.Pretarsus (claws)
What is an elytra?
Modified, hardened forewings that covers the entire abdomen.
Elytra are actually the...?
Mesothoracic "wings"
Which wings do the flying?
Metathoracic wings
What is the hamuli, where is it located and what family possess them. Common name also.
1.A small hooklike projection or process on the wings.
What gives wings their colour?
What is the purpose of these colours?
To act as a warning to potential predators and 2)mate recognition and 3)camouflage.
What are haltres?
Knobbed or clubbed stalks, modified wings, important for flight.
What are spiracles?
Any of several tracheal openings in the exoskeleton of an insect
What is a tergite?
A sclerite forming one of the constituents of a tergum.
When are prolegs present?
Leps. have (blank) on the prolegs, which are absent in the hym.
1.Only present in larvae.
2.Crochet hooks.

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