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Spanish vocab-Idiomatic Expressions


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a (algunas) veces
somtimes, at times
a amanecer
at dawn, at daybreak
a bordo
on board
a ciegas
a contrario
on the contrary
a diario
a fin
finally, at last
a fin de cuentas
in the end, after all (is said and done), in the final analysis
a fondo
thoroughl, in detail
a la + nationality (f.)
in (nationality) style
a la carrera
quickly, on the run
a la fuerza
by force
a la larga
in the long run
a la vez
at the same time
a lo largo
throughout, along
a lo lejos
in the distance, far off, at a distance
a más tardar
at the latest
a menudo
often, frequently
a mi parecer
in my opinion
a pie
on foot walking
a propósito
by the way
a solas
a su vez
in turn
a tiempo
on time
a tropezones
by fits and starts
a última hora
at the last minute
a ver
let's see
ahora mismo
right now, right away,at once
al aire libre
al anochecer
at dusk, at nightfall
al contado
cash, for cash
al fin y al cabo
in the end, after all (is said and done)
al menos
at least
al mismo tiempo
at the same time
al parecer
apparently, seemingly
al pie de la letra
al por mayor
al por menor
al principio
at first, at the beginning
al revés
upside down, inside out, backwards
así es que
así, así

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