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4 methods of development
waterfall method, rapid application development, star method, spiral waterfall = analyze, design, code, test, maintain
7) Difference between affordance and feature?
a. Feature  selected ring tones b. Affordance  visual cue that tells a user how something should be used. (big soft handle)
8) Describe George Millers notion of 7 plus or minus 2 is often misapplied in interaction design.
he is talking about recall not recognition for example with a dropdown list, never put more than 7 things in a list. This does not make sense because you are looking at it, not relevant.
b. Wimp
windows, icons, menus, pointers
how you use it
d. Hcd
human centered design
dynamic systems development method
e. Rad
rapid application development
Embodied Conversational Agent
It is a lifesize virtual human capable of carrying on conversations with humans by both understanding and producing speech, hand gesture and facial expressions.
f. Goms
goals operators methods selectors
physical property of an object
g. Perception
that which is understood through the senses
GPS drawing
alternative interaction paradigm
way for two people to collaborate
Low fidelity prototype
one which is quick and dirty, a sketch, if you show something that is very finished
something that has to be remembered
choices that are in front of me
events that are programmed to automatically react to a situation
the more visible functions are the more the user knows what to do next
" Ed Schlossberg
ESI designer worked to create brooklyn museum
" Tom Kelly
ceo of IDEO

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