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Expressions of the Day


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Really, you don't say
No me digas
Come on
que va
write it off
delo por perdido
what a relief
que alivio
what nonsense
que barbaridad
what a scare
que suste
thats nice of you
muy amable
con mucho gusto
como quieras
i agree/disagree
no estoy de acuerdo
I had a good time
lo pase bien
you're going to give yourself a heart attack
te va a dar algo
what? what did you say?
I have no idea
no tengo ni idea
excuse me
con permiso
excuse me (when you already did something)
Cheer up
Congratulations (job well done)
Congratulations (Lucky that you had to do with)
Congratulations (lucky due to fate)
forgive me
i didn't mean to do it
lo hice sin querer
its not my fault
yo no tengo la culpa
i won't do it anymore
no lo hare mas
what a drag
que paliza
its all the same to me
me da igual
my most heartfelt apologies
mi mas sentido pesame
i can't stand it anymore
no lo aguanto mas
you flatter me
me das alas
what a coincidence
que casualidad
i'm in heaven
estoy en la gloria
at least its a good thing
menos mal
for goodness sake
vaya por dios
it doesn't interest me at all
no me interesa para nada
don't butt in/mind your own business
no te metas donde no te llaman
its raining cats and dogs
llueve a cantaros
it makes my mouth water
se me hace agua la boca
it disgusts me
me da asco
happy thanksgiving
feliz dia de accion de gracias
leave me alone
thats right
eso es
lets see
a ver
de veras
i wish i could
he's a big shot
es un pez gordo
he always cheats
siempre hace trampas
it wasn't bad at all
no estaba nada mal
its worth it
vale la pena
don't even think about it
ni en suenos
mind your own business
no te metas donde no te llaman
no way
de ninguna manera
its my turn
me toca
be right back
en seguida vuelvo

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