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marco chapter 5


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Imagine or pretende
A school privately owen and poerated for profits
Meeting between a job seeker and a potential employer.
Face-to face
A policy of granting admission to all apto all applicatants whitout regard to grade piont avreage, test scores, or classrank
pone-admissional policy
A thank you letter sent to an interviewer folloing a job interview.
Body language letter
A face-to-face meeting between a job seeker and a pontial employer
Job interview
Unspoken communication through physical movement, expressions, and gestures.
Body language
Home study
Correspondense course
To evalute someone or something , such as a pontential employer.
To verifty or make frim, such as calling on an appointment
pleasant or agreeable
The largest type of institutionof higer learing , composed of several undergradute colleges
Tech prep
Genernal equivaleny diploma
A coures of stundy that satisfies the is somtimes called a bachelor's degree or undergradute degree.
Perprofessinal programs
A federally administered employment and traing programs that serves diasadvantaged young people.
Job crops
A certified, expericenced, skilled craftsperson who has successfuly completed an appreticesship.
Journey woker
Unions of craftsmen
The specfic detials of a job offer, such as working houres, salary or wages, and fringe fenefis.
Conditions of employment
After high school

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