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Shorty08 chapter 6


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(Encourage) group performance, influential and evolved members feel confident, secure and useful.
Sending and receiving messages,and understanding and being understood.
Means to pull away from violent situations and to give the person time to cool off before time to cool off before attempting to resolve the conflict.
The word you understand when you read them or hear them spoken.
"Recognition vocabulary"
(check for accuracy) his or her own understanding of the reading task.
A change in tone or voice.
Business owners and employee groups frequently solve labor disputes. By using this third party expert.
The statement or situation in which the word fall is used.
A clash or struggle that sometimes occurs when individuals or groups have points of view.
The word you use in your speech or writing.
"Active vocabulary"
Each side gives up some of its demands and meats the other side ½ ways.
Facial expressions and body posturing.
"Nonverbal Communication"
Bargaining by persuasion rather than argument.
A reaction or response to what is said.
A written document sent to someone outside an organization.
"Business letter"
Is one technique used by a listener to convey interest to the speaker.
Air a note used to aid the memory.

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