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personality change


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Butter and Snyder 1972
alpha monkeys
blumer and benton, 1975
pd - left pole, remote, spoke when spoken, disinterested, incontinet, no emo and PP - faceitous, outspoke, brash and disrespectful but need BI for all
Kolb and Taylor 1981
rh for telling emo exp and left for telling emo lang and unsolicited lang
use things and imitate without taking into consideration social context
Lhermitte 1983
Damasio 1994
patient who needed to be told to do things, risky ventures and didnt care about them, got stuck in monotonous tasks and no schedule vs with tumor on right who got acquire sociopathy - impulsive violence and lack of care on cons - suggest decisions not made in abstract but have soc and pers context and these called soma markers
rolls 1999
fc for eval reinforcment properties of stim and the appro of it
when do card game and cant keep track not very good - and keeping track of whats happened to try and predict potential outcomes is an important part of soc and pers decision making
bechera et al 2000
damage to amyg, bi OFC and L temp - impulsive violence and cant interpret others emo expression
blair and cipollati 2000
goel et al 2004
when given social context no better at wason task therefore must be imp for soc reasoning
Hsu et al 2005
when not given probability patients found card game no less aversive and not more activity in amyg and OFC therefore maybe its to d with aval uncertainty
damasio et al
when shown innate arousing stimuli showed normal arousal but when shown stuff learnt like taboos or disturbing images showed no more, even though intellectually aware of the content
rolls et al
cells in ofc respond to faces particularly expressions and movement
problem in associative learning - not hand move on cue

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