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Art History Terms


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Creator; biographical information; professional information
Circumstances. Political, Economical, Military, Familial, Cultural, Religious.
line, plane, space, texture, mass, volume, texture, perspective, value, intensity
A marked path from one point to another tha can be exaggerated and modified in a multitude of ways to express different emphases that an artist may have.
A flat surface that specifically allows lines to be drawn or chiseled into it allowing for varied expressions of lines.
Contour Line
Contour lines define basic shapes by specifying and seperating the space outside of an object from waht defines the inner elements of an object.
The amout of lightness or darkness that a certain hue has (also known as Tonality).
The level of brightness or dullness that a certain hue has (also known as saturation).
True texture
The texture that exists on the form of the art itself (materially), but does not necessarily have to relate to the artist's expression(s).
Represented Texture
The texture that the artist was attempting to portray to the viewer but not necessarily the real texture that exists on the form of the art itself (materially).
The area in which the objects have substance, whether limited or limitless.
Illusionistic Space
To portray an open space--limited or limitless-- on a surface that does not actually contain such space, such as the portrayal of three-dimensional space on a plane.
The size, density, and weight of objects and space.
The area within mass that is organized, divided, or enclosed in amny ways.
Specifically, the angle in which an artist wants the composition to be viewed. More generally, an assortment of artistic devices that provide verisimilitude to an illusionistic space.
The depiction of ojbects or figures at angles to create illusionistic space.
The relationship of parts of ojbects, figures, or buildings. There is an intuitive sense of "correct" proportions as well as a mathematical relationship involving modules--units of measure.
Findspot or the place of origin.
Period Style
A common strain of artistic elements held through a period of history.
Region Style
A particular set of artistic elements that artists share in a particular region--ranging from continental to municipal.
Personal Style
Artistic elements shared by an artist through different periods of that artist's career.

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