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Spanish Expressions 301-325


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Ponerse Colorado
To blush
Poner en ridículo
To make a fool of, humiliate
Librarse de
To get rid of, escape from, avoid
Hacer Gracia
To strike one (as) funny
Estar de malas
To be out of luck, hapless
En fin
In Short; (2) well (expletive)
Echar al correo
To mail, post (letters etc.)
Disculparse por
To apologize for
Constarle a uno
To be evident to one
Acerca de
About, concerning, with reference or regard to, having to do with
Venir a parar
To turn out, end up
Tomar a broma
To take lightly or as a joke
Ponerse en contra de
To oppose, be against
No tener pelos en la lengua
To be outspoken, unreserved in speech
No tener remedio
To be beyond repair, help, recourse
No ser cosa de juego
Not to be a laughing matter
Molestarse en
To bother about, take the trouble to
Informarse de
To find out about, gather information on
A que...
I'll bet...
Estar de sobra
To be in the way, be superfluous
De pronto
Abruptly, all of a sudden
De ningún modo
By no (any) means, under no (any) circumstances
Darse prisa
To hurry, move quickly
Compadecerse de alguien (or algo)
To pity, sympathize with, feel sorry for someone (or something)
Aprovechar la ocasión
To take advantage of the situation

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