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Spanish Expressions 6


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Mientra más... más o mientras menos... menos
The more... the more;(2) The less... the less
Merecer la pena
To be worthwhile
Más allá
Farther on, beyond
Hacerse ilusiones
To deceive or fool one's self
Formar parte de
To be a member or part of
Hacerse el sordo
To refuse to consider, turn a deaf ear
Estar prevenido
To be ready, prepared, forewarned
Estar de turno
To be on duty
Enterarse de
To find out or learn about, be aware of
En un dos por tres
In a jiffy, quickly
Echarse a (reír, llorar, etc.)
To begin, burst out, suddenly begin to (laugh, cry, etc.)
En mangas de camisa
In short sleeves
En presencia de
In front of, before
Advertir algo a alguien
To tell one (so)
De modo que
So, and so;(2) so that
Dejar dicho
To leave word
Echar la culpa a
To lay the blame on
Dar parte
To inform, notify, report
Dar la razón
To agree (with), acknowledge (a person) to be right
¡Buen provencho!
Good appetite! Enjoy your meal! May you profit from your food!
A pesar de
In spite of, despite
Tomar nota de
To take note of, jot down
Todo lo contrario
Just the opposite, the other way around
Tener fama de
To have the reputation of
Tener en la punta de la lengua
To have on the tip of one's tongue
Tener en cuenta
To keep in mind, consider
Prestar atención
To pay attention, be alert
Pesarle a uno
To regret, be sorry for
Perder la cabeza
To lose one's head, lose one's cool
Hacerse rogar
To be coaxed, importuned, persuaded
Meterse con
To pick a fight with
Hacer un mandado
To run an errand
Hacer juego
To match, go well (with)
Hablar hasta por los codos
To chatter, talk idly
Estar de viaje
Tobe traveling, be on the road
Estar a punto de
To be at the point of, be about to
Desde ahora
From now on, beginning now
De un día para otro
From one day to the next, day by day
De buena gana o de mala gana
Willingly, with pleasure; unwillingly, reluctantly
Correr por cuenta de uno
To be one's affair, be up to one
Convenirle a uno
To be to one's advantage, be advisable
Con permiso
If you don't mind, with your permission, please excuse me
Burlarse de
To make fun of, poke fun at, jest
Algo por el estilo
Something like that, something of the kind
Además de
In addition to
A lo lejos
In the distance, at a distance, way over there
Estar a gusto
To be comfortable, at ease, contented, as one likes it
Todo lo demás
Everything else
Salirse con la suya
To have or get one's own way
Por lo general
Usually, in general, ordinarily

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