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Spanish Expressions 4


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Dar rabia
To anger, make furious
Darse quenta de
To realize be aware of
Confiar en
To rely on, trust in, count on
Dar la vuelta a algo
To turn or rotate something; (2) to go around something
Dar mucha pena
To make one sorry, be disconcerting
Al por mayor
Wholesale, in large quantity
Al fin
At last, finally
Al contrario
On the other hand, on the contrary
A última hora
At the last moment, in the nick of time
A duras penas
With great difficulty
Ver visiones
To see things, have false notions
Rendir cuentas a (or ante)
To give or render an accounting to
Por si acaso
Just in case, if by chance, in the event that
Por ningún motivo
Under no circumstance, no matter what
Por las nubes
Sky-high, extreme, lofty (in price or praise)
Por eso
For that reason, so, therefore
¿Por dónde?
Which way? Where?
Por dentro
Inside, on the inside, within
Recomendar algo a uno
To make a special request of someone for something; (2) To charge a person with something, entrust something to someone
Plan de estudios
Curriculum, set of courses
Pasado de moda
Out of date, out of style, passé
Pagar los gastos
To pay the expenses, foot the bill, stand the cost
Hacer caso de
To pay attention to, take into account, respect, esteem
Es decir
That is to say, that is, in other words, specifically
Entusiasmarse con
To be enthusiastic about, be eagerly attentive to
En voz alta o en voz baja
Out loud; in a soft voice
Echar de menos
To miss, feel the lack or loss of, long for
Digno de confianza
Reliable, trustworthy, reputable
De lo lindo
Very much, greatly, wonderfully
De buena fe o de mala fe
In good faith, with complete confidence; with no confidence
De acuerdo con
In accordance, conformity, or agreement with
Dar disgustos a
To cause distress or grief to
Correr riesgo
To chance, run risk
Contar con
To depend upon, count on
A medio hacer
Half done, incomplete
A mano
By hand; (2) nearby, within reach; (3) (to be) even
A lo mejor
As luck may have it, like as not
Gracias a
Thanks to
Sentir en el alma
To regret deeply, be terribly sorry
Referirse a
To refer to, have reference to
Quitarse un peso de encima
To take a load off one's mind, be relieved
Por un lado... por otro
On the one side (or hand).. on the other, in a way... in another way
Por otra parte
On the other hand
Por ningún lado [ninguna parte]
Nowhere, not any place
Ponerse de pie
To get up, stand, arise
Ir a medias
To go fifty-fifty, go halves
Hacerse el tonto
To play dumb, act the fool
Extrañarle a uno
To seem strange to one
De pura casualidad
Purely by chance
Estar muy metido en
To be deeply involved in

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