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Spanish Expressions 3


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Pedir prestado
To borrow, ask to lend
Ocuparse de
To take care of, attend to
No poder ver a alguien
Not to be able to tolerate someone
Mejor dicho
Or rather, better yet
Llamar la atención
To attract attention, call attention to; (2) to reprimand, censure, chide
Poner el grito en el cielo
To make a great fuss, agitate, hit the ceiling
Hacerle daño a uno
To hurt or be harmful to one; not agree (physically) with one
En vez de
Instead of, rather than
Frente a frente
Face to face
En cambio
But, on the other hand
Empleársele bien a uno
To serve someone right, get one's due
De aquí (or de hoy ) en adelante
From now on, henceforth
Cuando quiera
Whenever or as soon as you would like, when you are ready
Al principio
At first, initially, at the outset
Y pico*
And some odd (as in numbers), and something
Y así sucesivamente
And so on, et cetera
Tomar el pelo
To deceive, pull one's leg
Tener razón
To be right, correct
Desde entonces
Since then, since that time
De repente
All of a sudden, unexpectedly
De ninguna manera
By no means, under no circumstances
De la noche a la mañana
Over night, all at once
Costar mucho trabajo
To be difficult, hard
Sin falta
Without fail
Quedar en
To agree on, come to a mutual understanding or decision about
Por supuesto
Of course, certainly
Por aquí cerca
Somewhere near here, around here, in the vicinity
Ponerse de acuerdo
To come to an agreement, be in accord
Perderse de vista
To be lost from sight, vanish, disappear
Pensar de
To think of, have an opinion of or about
Pasar el rato
To kill time, pass the time away
Menos de
Fewer than, less than
Llevarse bien con
To get along well with
Hasta cierto punto
To a certain point, extent
Estar rendido
To be exhausted, all in, depleted
Estar ( or quedar) entendido que
To be understoodor agreed (that)
En la mitad (de)
In the middle of
En fila
In (a) line
El día menos pensado
When one least expects
Después de
After, following
Desde que
Ever since, from the moment that
Dejar en paz
To leave alone, let be
A más tardar
At the latest
Por fin
At last, finally
No ser ni la sombra de uno
To be but a shadow of one's former self
Poco después (de)
Soon after, a little after
Limitar con
To be bounded or bordered by; (2) to be held down or back
Hecho y derecho
Mature, grown-up, full-fledged
En resumidas cuentas
In short, in a word
En representación de
As an emissary of, representing

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