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Executive Branch - Article II


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Which branch of government is the presiden in?
What is the length of the president's term?
4 years
How is the president chosen?
-Electors from each state that are based on the number of representatives and senators choose the president
3 qualfications
-at least 35 years old
-Natural-born citizen
-Estalblished residency for at least 14 years
Two executive checks over legislative branch
-Veto bills
-Fill vacancies when Senate is not in session
Two executive checks over judicial branch
-Appiont judges
-Grant pardons
Powers and duties of president
-Appoints members of cabinet
-Chief architect of foreign policy
-Temporarily appoint officials to fill vacancies when Senate is not in session
-Delivers annual State of Inion messages, and recieves foreign diplomats [power of deciding whether or not to recognize foreign government]
How are presidential electors selected?
-Originally chosen by state legislatures
-Today they are nominated by political parties and elected by the voters
How is the number of presidential electors for each state determined?
-Based on number of representatives and senators
Who counts the elector's votes? In whose presence does he count them?
-President of the Senate counts the votes in the presence of the House of Reps and Senate
What body determines who becomes president if there is a tie in the electoral college vote?
-House of Reps decides
If no candidate recieves a majority in the electoral college vote, how many candidates does the Constiution say that the house of Reps chooses from in deciding who will be president?
-Originally five, but now three
How many votes does each state get in House voting for president?
Who takes over the office of president if president dies or is otherwise removed from office?
Vice president
What body determines th order of succession to the presidency in the event that both the president and vice president die or are removed form office? What is the order of succession?
-Congress determines order of succession
-Vice president -> Speaker of House -> President pro tempore -> cabinet members according to position
For what offenses can the president/vice-president can be removed from office?
-Serious crimes
Who originally chose the list of major-party candidates that the electors voted on for the president and the vice-president?
-No major-parties in the beginning of U.S. history
-After, caucuses choose the candidates
Who now chooses the major party candidates for president and vice-president?
-People choose the major party candidates
Which amendment did away with the system of voting by electors found in section 1 clause 2?
Amendment 12
What is a favorite son?
-A politican whose electoral appeal is mostly driven from his regional appeal, rather than political views
Who was the only vice president not elected either to the office of president of vice president?
Gerald Ford
Who was the first president to succeeed to the presidency upon the death of a president?
-John Tyler succeeded William Henry Harrison
Who was the only vice-president who became president but did not succeed the president under whom he served?
Richard Nixon
Who was the first president impeached by House?
Andrew Jackson
Who was the only otehr president impeached by House?
Bill Clinton
Name the 15 departments in the president's cabinet.
-Secretary of State
-Secretary of Defense
-Secretary of Treasury
-Attorney General
-Secretary of Interior
-Secretary of Agriculture
-Secretary of Commerce
-Secretary of Labor
-Secretary of Housing & Urban Debelopment
-Secretary of Transportation
-Secretary of Energy
-Secretary of Health and Human Services
-Secretary of Education
-Secretary of Veterans Affairs
-Secretary of Homeland Security
Name the 7 Hats of the President.
-Chief of Executive Branch
-Commander in Chief of Armed Forces
-Head of State
-Director of Foreign Policy
-Head of political party
-Guardian of the economy
-Legislative leader
What is Inauguration Day?
Day in which the president is sworn in and takes over presidency
When and where does Inauguration Day take place?
Jan. 20th in front of the capitol building in Washington D.C.
How many terms may a President serve?
2 terms [22nd amendment]
What is the major job of the President?
enforce laws
What is the state of Inion Message and where is it given?
-yearly message delivered to a meeting of both houses of Congress where the President sets forth programs and policies he favors
Who must approve all treaties made by the President with other countries?
Senate must approve by 2/3 majority
Who must approve of the officials apppointed by the President?
What is a pardon?
person is forgiven for his crime and freed from his sentence
a postponing of a sentence so more evidence can be gathered
The power to make a convicted person's sentence less
25th Amendment
President has the right to nominate someone to take over as vice-president with approval from both houses
Explain the Presidential Succession Act of 1947
Provides the line of succession when the President and vice president dies while in office
Who is the President today?
George Bush
Who is the vice president?
Dick Cheney
What is the yearly salary of the President? vice president?
President- $400,000
Vice-President- $198,600
What is the President's expense allowance?
What is the yearly salary of each cabinet member?
What does the secretary of state do?
Guides foreign affairs
Secretary of Defense
National defense and military budgets
Secretary of Treasury
Collects and mangages the nation's money
Attorney General
Heads the Department of Justice which enforces the laws
Advises president on legal matters
Secretary of Interior
Responsible for natural resources
National parks, island possessions, power plants, safety programs for mining, Indian affairs and Indian reservations
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Advises on businness affairs
Standards of weights and measures
Takes census every 10 years
Secretary of Labor
Promotes welfare of office and factory workers
Unemployment insurance programs
Settles strikes
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
-Advises about home building and city planning
-Urban transportation
-Mortgage lending
Secretary of Transportation
Traffic, transportation
Secretary of Energy
Conserves and regulates energy sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc.
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Improves mental and physical health of people; research; public health service to prevent and control disease
Secretary of Education
Improves education in America
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Provides benefits to veterans of military service and their dependents
Secretary of Homeland Security
-Enhances security and preparedness in order to prevent a crisis and be ready if one occurs
-U.S. Customs and Border Security
-U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

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