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The Executive Branch 2


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Agenda Setting
thru state of the union, media
Appointment Power
constitutional powers (article 2)
Line Item Veto
control federal spending, deemed unconstitutional
conflict between department heads (14) , conflict between president & heads bein loyal to department
Chief Diplomat
pres delegates a lot of diplomatic power, maitains : recognizin countries, treaties
Executive Agreements
bypass congress, secret agreements w/ countries, must reveal to congress w/in 60 days
Honeymoon Period
period after elections when opposition party refrains from critisism
Press Secretary
part of white house staff, spins, puts out what pres wants
Executive Order
not absolute, can be reviewed and deemed unconstitutional
US v Nixon
regarding executive privelage, (nixon didn't turn over watergate tapes)
when party members ride on the pres's popularity
refer to when pres has VERY high approval (Johnson)
25th Amendment
vacancy in the VP, president appoints new VP, VP takes over w/ pres vacancy
UMB-Office of Management and Budget
advise pres on preparation of budget, appointed position
Special Sessions
pres power to call special sessions of congress, check over congress
Pocket Veto
pres veto after congress has adjourned; if pres does nuttin in 10 days --> bill dies (no congress override)
Divided Gov't
causes gridlock, makes legisl. and exec, branches work 2gether to get things done,
Balanced Budget
clinton balanced towards end of 2nd term (not many in past few decades)
Bully Pulpit
pres convinces congress, and ppl
Increase in Power
due to foreign policy & domestic issues (economy)
Cabinet Members
own agenda v pres, agenda (conflict)
Pres Role In Legis.
not important, congress independent of pres
pres --> vp--> speaker
foreign relations, advises pres on military matters, on nat'l security, overseen by joint chief of staff
22nd Amendment
2 term limits

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