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Dental Tech 2


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What type of officer is appointed as the director for
dental center administration?
Medical Service Officer
All orders issued by the director of a branch dental clinic will be regarded as proceeding from the chief of the dental corps?
the DT rating was first established by the SECNAV on Which of the Following Dates?
12 DEC 1947
On what date did the DT rating become effective?
2 Dec 48
DT and HM make up which of the following occupational fields?
what type of system is used to identify enlisted personnel with special skills, knowledge, or apitude for filling billets?
assignments to duty stations are made by which of following peeple?
Dental Assistants, Basic "A" school graduates will be assigned what identifier for job assignments?
The Efficient Operation of a Dental cinic depends on its personnel and what other aspect?
what is the most important aspect of dental care will your patient recieve?
what total number of factors are involved in a patient contact point?
*the patient
*the health provider
*the physical spaces in DTF
which of the following definitions best defines a patient that is dental phobic?
(overwhelming feeling of panic and terror)
which of the following attributes are marks of an outstanding DT?
Attention to Detail
which dept. is directly responsible for the image of the dental service provided?
Front Desk
when communicating with a patient, what type of terms should you be using?
Wincing of the Eyes may indicate that a patient is feeling which,if any, of the following responsives?
A good rule is to try an answer the phone by?
3rd ring
which of the following information should you never communicate over the phone?
A Patients Eligibility must be verified through which of the following systems?
Which of the following type of treatment is considered as routine dental care?
Dental Examination
which of the following is considered as emergency dental care?
Relieving Pain
which of the following is considered as elective dental care.
what priority catergory will family members of an active duty member be placed on for treatment eligibilty?
which of the following methods is often the best use of treatment time?
when making a patient appointment, where should you enter the information?
Appointment Book
what type of registration will show the date, name grade/rank, and reason for visit?
Which NAVMED form is used to schedule dental appointments?
Which NAVMED form is used as a dental appointment card?
What Type of List is used for patients requiring extensive treatment?
Patient Call List
The dental computerized recall system uses a maximium of how many lists?
Which of the following information does DENMIS NOT have capability to Process
Provider NMIMC Reports
The daily DIRS record is designed to give providers what type of treatment record?
Record Of treament performed DAILY
BUMED Instruction 6300.10 is divided into how many parts?
*Patien Relations
Which Program allows patient to voice and document how they are treated?
Patient Contact Program
Validated patient complaints and compliments are incorporated into which of the command's annual assessments?
Quality Assurance program
The new Dental Record Jacket is which of the following NAVMED forms?
NAVMED 6150 21-30
Which number of the SSN is preprinted on the Dental Record Jacket?
Second to the Last Digit of ssn the Form number
A Patient without an SSN will have which of the following Substitute SSN's established if the birth date is August 11, 1959?
Which of the Following FMP Codes will be placed into two diamonds preceding the SSN for a retired Member of USN?
Which of the following Phrases is written in the Lower Portion of the Patients identification box for retired O-7 and Above?
Flag or General Officer
Which of the following Symbols and color of felt-tip pen will be placed in the alert box if the patient has an allergy or sensitivity?
X black
Which, if any, of the following color felt-tip pen is used to mark the annual verifaction section on the right-hand side of the jacket?
Leave Blank
The Format Printed on the inside of the jacket cover should be completed in what type of writing utensil?
Pencil Only

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