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A Beka Science 9-11.1


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What is Uniformitarianism?
It is the belief that an understanding of modern geological processes and their results is the key to an understanding of the earth's past history.
What is Special Creation?
The Biblical principle that is contrasted with evolution; God's work of calling the universe and all that is in it into existence ex nihilo(out of nothing) and of making complex living organisms out of simple components.
Who is Charles Lyell?
He popularized uniformitarianism and he is known as the Father of Modern Geology.
What is the Principle of Uniformity?
An idea that the natural laws in operation today have existed throughout the earth's history.
What is biological evolution?
The evolution of living things
What is Cosmic evolution?
The chance origin of the universe as a whole
What is the basis of evolution?
The belief that the world was not created, but appeared and developed into its present form through natural means.
Who is Charles Darwin?
A young British naturalist who popularized the idea of evolution.
What is evolution?
The belief that the universe(and all that is in it) originated by natural processes over billions of years.
What is Theistic evolution?
A modified form of evolutionary hypothesis which attempts to reconcile the Bible and evolution

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