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History Chapter 7 2


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This was the name of the financial depression that hit the US because of Jacksons and Van Buren's economic policy
Panic of 1837
Jackson issued this document that said that public land could be paid for only in Gold and Silver
Species Curricular
This city became the financial center for the US
New York City
This was the nickname given to the state banks where Jackson put funds that he had taken from the BUS
Pet Banks
He was the president of the BUS and tried to stop Jackson from removing gov't funds from the bank and destroying it
Nicholas Biddle
He became president upon the death of Wm H. Harrison in 1841
John Tyler
He was Jackson's hand picked successor. He won the election of 1836. His political enemies called him Van Van the Used UP Man
Martian Van Burren
These were the three main components of the American Plan
Protective Terriff, National Bank, Internal Improvements
He was a native of HW, was one of the greatest orator's of the time period and debated the issues of tariffs + Nullification iwth Robert Hayne
Daniel Webster
He was a politican from the state of SC and helped to develop the nullification theory + also served as VP under Adams and Jackson
John C. Calboun
This admendment was attached to the Missouri Statehood bill requiring slaveholders in Missouri to gradually emancipate their slaves
Tallmadge ammedment
This was a 363 mile long "big Ditch" that linked the hudson River and Lake Erie
Erie Canal
He was a famous politician from Ken. + was known as the great compromiser because he helped arrange the Missouri Compromise
Henry Clay
This US President warned the Europeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere, not to build colonies or interfere with the affairs of affection
James Monroue
This term means items such as cloth, thread, shoes, and other small sized manufactured products
He was elected Pres. in 1916 and went on a tour of America and saw how well the country was doing
James Monroue
In this court case, the Court declared that the state of NH could not revise an original college charter because the charter was a vaild contract
Dartmoth College Vs. WoodWard
This was the name of Pres. Madison plan to improve the US and unify it's regions
American Plan
This was the nickname given to the large block of middle class voters that started to influence political elections
Common Man
This is the term that means firing and hiring new gov't workers everytime a new candidate wins the presidency
Rotation in office
He won the election of 1840 on the campaign slogan "Tuippecanoe and Tyler too" he also died shortly after taking the oath of office
William Henry Harrison
This term means to withdraw from the Union
This was the document written by John C. Calhoun where he espoused the theory of nullification
South Carolina Expotion and Protest
This seaport became the dominant one in America due to the construction of the Erie Canal
New York City
A state has the right to declare a federal law null and void if it conflicts with their laws or beliefs
this as the nickname for the tariff of 1828 because the south hated the tariff and thought that it hurt their section
Tariff of Abominations
This supreme court case was heard in 1832 and it was decided that the Cherokee nation was a distinct community that did not come under the laws of Georgia
Worster vs. Georgia
This was the name of Jackson's Tenn. Plantation
This is a political system where a person helps another get elected and then they are rewarded with a job in the gov't for their servies
Spoil System
this act was passed by congress in 1830 and it provided funds for negotiating treaties to forces the NA off their lands and move westward
Indian Removal Act
The act of becoming alike or similar, taking on the characteristics of the dominant culture
he was a Cherokee whose Americanized name was George Guess and he helped develop a Cherokee alphabet so they could publish a newspaper
He served as Sec. of State before he came president and was a strong nationalist
John Quincy Adams
This Treaty was signed by the US and Canada and set the US-Canada boundary along the 49th parallel
Convention of 1818
Andrew Jackson broke with the Republican party and helped to develop this political party
Democratic Republican
These were the five Native American Tribes that became known as the Five Vivilized Tribes
This was the phrase for building roads, canals, railroads, with gov't money so as to bind the nation together
Internal Improvements
He was born in SC and moved to Tenn. he was a hero of the war of 1812, and politican form Tenn.
Andrew Jackson
By This agreement Maine entered the union as a free state. MO as a slave state, and slavery could not exist above the 36 30 line
Missouri Compromise
This was one of the many nicknames that Jackson had
Old Hickory
This was the deal between John Quncy Adams + Henry Clay where clay threw his support to Adams and he became the president in 1824
Corrupt Bargain
This court case was brought about because the state of MD had taxed a national bank. Markshall's decision stated that the taxation was illegal + the bank was constitutional
McCalloch Vs. Maryland
This term means the production of goods in large quantities
Mass Production
This road was built in 1938 and extended from Cumberland, MD to Vandalia, Illinois
National Road
These 3 Men made a profound impact on American industry by establishing textile mills in Wattham + Lowell Mass
Francis Bacon, Nathan Appleton, Patrick Jackson
This Treaty was signed in 1817 by the us and canada and demilitarized the Great Lakes
Rush-Bagot Treaty
This was the name of the tax that Pres. MAdison wanted to put on imported goods
Tarrif of 1816
John Marshall again showed the supremacy of the National Gov't in this court case when the court nullified a Georgia law that violated an individual's right to enter into contracts
Fleture Vs. Peck
This supreme court case was brought about because of a monopoly granted by N.Y state established the power of the gov't to regulate interstate trade
Gibbens vs. ogden
This was the nickname given to Jackson's advisors because they slipped in through the back door
Kitchen Cabinet
A Massive change in Social + Economic organization resulting from the replacement of hand tools by machines + the developement of large scale industrail production
Industrial Revolution
He was the son of a president and won the election in 1824, he was also a strong nationlist
John Quincy Adams
In 1793 this British immigrant established the first mechanized rextile mill in American in Pawtucket, RI
Samuel Slater
This term means exlusive legal control of a commercial activity
These 3 States became known as the cotton kingdom afte rthe invention of the cotton gin
Louisianna, Alabama, Mississippi
This European nation was the first one to start the Industrial Revolution
England / Great Britian
Making all the parts of a product the same so that one part can be replaced by another similar one
Standard Interchangable Parts
In 1793, this former school teacher invented the cotton gin
Eli Whitney
By this treaty in 1819 the US gained Florida from Spain
Adams Onis Treaty
In 1807 he built a steamboat named the Clermont and made a 150 mile trip up the hudson river
Robert Fulton

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