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Global African Flashcards


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What were the results of the Boer War?
(a)immediate-the British gained control of all the Boer states

(b)long range-the British set up the union of South Africa(colony) and they gave blacks no rights.
How did Ghana, Algeria, and Angola & Mozambique gain their independence?
(1)Ghana- Kwame Nkrumah strikes and boycotts to protest British rule. None violent

(2)Algeria-in 1954 a war broke out in Algeria. Many French people settled in Algeria. Violent= 10,000 French men dies while 100,000 Algerian men died.

(3)Angola and Mozambique-in guerilla warfare small bands of fighters stage hit and run attacks against a larger power. Violent
Effects of colonial rule in Africa
(a)the colonial rulers built new roads, bridges and railroads.

(b)they set up schools and introduced new farming methods

(c)they gave the new nations a framework on which to build

(a)the Europeans taught their colonies that European cultures were superior.

(b)colonial rule created a desire for modern technology.

(c)colonial rulers did little to prepare Africans for independence.
Led African leaders knowing little on how to rule and control their nation.
Science and technology was used forā¬¦
(1)stopped soil erosion.

(2)new crops (increased food production)

(3)cures for diseases and AIDS

(4)family planning (Population explosion)

(5)pest control
Challenges to the development of agriculture:
a) Most programs focused on cash crops for export (not good for subsistence farmers)
b) Government kept prices for food crops low
c) Rapid population growth
d) Unpredictable rainfall
e) Land gets exhausted (used a lot- in fertile) quickly and there are fewer areas to plant
f) Hit by several droughts
g) droughts- caused civil war further disrupted
Why were Africans having so many children?
a) "Each extra mouth comes attached to two extra hands"
b) Better health care so people live longer and therefore they have to produce more food.
c) Increasing birthrate without family control (planning)
3) Population growth strains limited resources
More and more people are crowding to the city b/c farmland is scarce.
4) Africa is a young continent
a) DEF. - almost half the population of Africa is under the age of 15.
b) Problem: government needs mere money for housing, schools, and more food.
c) Possible Solution: try to convince the people to home birth control and to decrease number of kids. Foreign aid from other countries.
Great Trek 1836-1838
Who? Where?
The Boers to orange free state and transvasaal. Fought Zulus for land.
Who's Mobutu Sese Seko?
He unified Congo and later becomes the dictator. America gives him money because he is against Imperialism.
How did Imperialism produce Nationalism?
1) Political Reason:
a) Loss of freedom

2) Economic Reason:
1) Mother country drained wealth from the colonies
2) High prices for manufactured goods
3) High taxes
4) Drain natural resources
5) Can't manufacture own goods and can only buy from your mother country
3) Social Reasons:
1) Treated people as inferiors (racism, ethnocentrism)
2) Introduced a lot of diseases
3) Assimilation- tried to wipe out culture of the colonies.
Three examples of Africa's rich culture
Oral stories, written literature, music and art
Why does South Africa changes its racial policy?
a) International sanction ( a measure usually adopted by several nations to force one nation to stop violating int'l law)
b) OAU- African countries boycotted products of South Africa- hurt the economy.
c) UN- placed an arms (weapons) embargo (total stoppage of trade) on So. Af.
d) International sports organization banned South African athletes from competition
What was wrong with eduacation in Africa that led to such low litteracy rates?
Education leads to social change
a) Increase in job, skills, writing, and literacy rate- get better job skills.
b) Different tribes get along in same school and understand government better.
2) Problems:
a) Lack of supplies
b) Drop out of school so can work on farms- can't afford school.
c) Teachers aren't educated passed elementary school and get paid very little

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