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North Carolina 8th grade study chapter 3


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-a trader who buys goods from producers and sells them to other traders or consumers.
European merchants traded with _______ through Mediterranean ports of _______ and _____________.
What was the land route that Europeans used to trade with Asia?
Silk Road
Middlemen dorve up the prices of items such as:
dyes, silks, perfumes, drugs, gold, jewels, and spices.
What spices were brought from Asia?
pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
What made Europeans believe that China could be reached by ship?
The publication of Marco Polo's Travels
Who was Prince Henry?
Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal. During the mid-1400s, he sent ships south along the coast of Africa in search of an eastern passage to the Indian Ocean.
Which explore first rounded the tip of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope?
Bartholomew Diaz in 1488.
What route did Christopher Columbus believe would take him to the Far East?
He believed that the route lay to the west.
Columbus believed that the earth was _________.
How long did Columbus think the distance from Portugal to Japan was?
3000 miles
How long is the distance from Portugal to Japan in reality?
12000 miles
Kings and Queens
Which monarchs did Columbus try to get support for his plan?
Monarchs from France, Portugal, and England.
Which monarchs finally agreed to finance his voyage?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
What date did Columbus sail from Palos,Spain?
August 3, 1492
What were Columbus' ships named?
Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria
On what date did Columbus land on the Caribbean island that he named San Salvador?
October 12, 1492
Off the coast of what country did Columbus believe that San Salvador lie?
Off the coast of India
What did he call the natives that he met on San Salvador?
What was Columbus' relations with the Indians he met?
He called them friendly and gentle. Believed that they could be converted to Christianity and would become good citizens of Spain
How many voyages did Columbus make to the Western Hemisphere and what were the dates?
4 voyages: 1492, 1493,1498, 1502
In his later voyages Columbus explored what?
along the coasts of Central and South America, and was the first European to visit Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands
What did Columbus call the western hemisphere?
The New World
What did Columbus still believe when he died?
That he had discovered a westward route to the Far East's riches.
What year did Columbus die?
John Cabot
From Genoa, Italy. Sailed under England's flag, discovered Newfoundland in present day Canada.
Which explorer first discoved Newfoundland?
Leif Ericsson in 1001
What did Leif Ericsson call Newfoundland?
Why did Ericcson leave Vinland and go back to Greenland?
Unfriendly natives
Vasco de Gama
Sailed around Africa and reached India
Amerigo Vespucci
Italian navigator, mapmakers read his writings and named the new land, America. In 1499, he sailed along the coast of South America
Ferdinand Magellan
succeeded in reaching Asia by sailing west around the tip of South America.
What route did the Europeans think would be a shorter route to China and India?
The Northwest Passage,
What is the Northwest passage?
An all-water route to Asia through the North American continent?

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