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Geography End of the Year Review Fentin CMA


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For what use do developers want to clear land in the Amazon?
for mining and farming
In what city was the Aztec Empire centered?
Tenochtitian in Mexico
The continent of South America is separated by what geographic obstacles
Andes Mountains, Amazon River, and the Guiana Highlands
What Central American country was formerly known as British Honduras?
What Doctrine declared the countries of the Middle and South America to be off-limits to new European colonization?
Monroe Doctrine
What does Middle America include?
Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Islands
What is the difference between a mulatto and a mestizo?
mulatto-descendents of European
mestizo-descendents of Native Americans and Europeans
What is the name of the area in Argentina where livestock raising is important?
Pampas (Great Plains)
What two things unite this region?
Roman Catholic religion and Spanish language
Which country has the most metropolitan areas with more than 1 million people?
Who originally inhabited the Caribbean Islands?
Native Americans
What is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world?
Name the two mountain ranges of Mexico
Sierra Madres Oriental
Sierra Madres Occidental
This is a crop primarily produced for direct sale in a market, rather than for other purposes
cash crop
What is Mexico's greatest natural resource?
Define maquiladoras. HOw many of these are there?
factories in the border cities. 2000+ of them
Who invaded Mexico in the early 1500s?
Hernan Cortes of Spain
The isthmus of Central America separates what two bodies of water?
Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
What is the most populous country is Central America?

What country was formally known as British Hondurus?
What has made El Salvador's soil among the most fertile in Central America?
volcanic ash
Coffee and cotton from large estates provide most of the export income in this country
El Salavador
IN 1979, what country overthrew it's longtime dictator with a revolutionary government taking power?
What country of Central America has one of the highest literacy rates of Middle and South America?
Costa Rica
What country has the highest standard of living in Central America?
Costa Rica
What Caribbean country consists of more than 700 islands?
What Caribbean country has the most developed economy?
Puerto Rico
Cuba is one of the world's largest exporters of ???
What country is the poorest and most densely populated of the Americas?
What country is the birthplace of reggae?
What country is home to steel-drum and calypso music?
Trinidad and Tobago
From what country is the merengue music and dance?
Dominican Republic
A revolution in what country in 1959 brought Fidel Castro to power?
What was Spain's earliest colony in the Americas?
Dominican Republic
THis Caribbean island has one of the highest population densities in the world
Define guerilla and in which country do they play a role?
fighting as part of an armed group found in Colombia
For what product has Colombia gain international recognition
Name the only South American country with coastlines on both eht Caribbean and Pacific Ocean
Name the world's tallest waterfall in this region
Angel Falls
Ninety percent of what mineral comes from Columbia?
Of what ethnic descent are more than half of Guyana's population?
South Asian
What capital city is approximately 8,563 feet above sea level?
Bogata, Colombia
What is one of Colombia's newest and most profitable industries?
flower farming
What provides Venezual's chief source of weath?
What South American country is a former Dutch colony with Africa's mulattos, Chinese, Indonesians, and South Asians?
Argentina has one of the world's major agricultural regions called?
Brazil held the distinction of being the America's first large
sugar colony
Guarani is spoken by ninety-fiver percent of the people in this country
Of the countries in the region, which one comes closest to matching the literacy rate of the United States?
Costa Rica
Some are predicting that the rain forest will disappear within the next __ years.
What are Argentine cowboys called?
What are the two buffer states in South American and why are they called by that name?
Uruguay and Paraguay-they are small countries separting two larger competing countries
What country has a border with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador?
What country in the region has a large number of Italian, German, and Japanese immigrants?
One of Europe's most crowded areas is in a belt stretching through Belgium, the Netherlands, and central ??
Which country of Eastern Europe is a producer of petroleum?
Petroleum and natural gas have been found beneath the waters of what major body of water?
North Sea
Name the higest mountain range found in western and central Europe
What mountain range forms a natural boundary between Spain and France?
What do geographers consider to be one of the boundaries between Europe and Asia?
Ural Mountains
Name Europe's two most developed rivers
Rhine and Danube
During what time period was the Greek civilization flourishing in the Mediterranean area?
900-300 B.C.
Define the period called the Middle Ages
500-1500 A.D. after the fall of the Roman Empire
What two European countries became the first to establish large foreign colonies?
Spain and Portugal
Why did Europe's population experience major declines between 1300 and 1450?
disease, famines and wars
In what part of Eurpoe does Catholicism dominate?
Souther European countries (Spain, Italy, and Portugal)
In what part of Europe does Protestantism dominate?
NOrthern and Central Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia)
Identify four European countries that are multilingual
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Belgium
When did the Soviet Union begin?
What rights did the Soviet goverment try to control?
economic and social freedoms and political rights
In what year did the Soviet Union collapse?
From where does the word czar come from and what does it mean?
Latin word Casear and it means emperor
Who led the Bolsheviks effort to remake Russia?
What is the other name for a governing council?
What was the area of Soviet education that was stressed?
science and technology
Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union?
What is the RUssian word for openness?
What is the Russian word for restructuring?
Who was the first democratically elected prsident of Russia?
Boris Yeltsin
Georgia is located along the eastern side of what body of water?
Black Sea
Most of this nation's industres are concentrated in Minsk
Name the landlocked country in the Caucasus region
People from this country claim to be the first nationality that adopted Christianity.
Some Ukrainian claim they are descened from what "warlike" group
THe SOviet Union is the wrold's largest producer of what four farm products?
wheat, oats, barley and sugar beets
This country has had violent unrest among its ethnic people
This country stretches west from the southern end of the Caspian Sea
What are two major religions practiced in the Ukraine
Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism
What country is also referred to as "Little Russians" by Russians?
What is the most complex region ethnically in the world?
What is the name of the busieest port on the Black Sea?
What is the name of the small peninsula that juts southward into the Black Sea?
Around what yar did Muslim armies begin to conquer most of Southwest Asia?
800 A.D.
How would you describe most of Irq in terms of its climate region?
Desert climate
In what countries are most of the world's Shi'a Muslim concentrated?
Mecca and Medina are in what country?
Saudi Arabia
Name the ancient group in the region that formed a large trading network
Name the three major world religions that first appeared in the area
The Gaza Strip would be found in what country?
The Strait of Hormuz separates what two countries in this region?
United Arab Emigrants and Iran
What are the two branches of Islam?
Sunni and Shi'a
What country of the region is on the Black Sea?
What is Southwest Asia's richest mineral source
What is a Kaffiyeh?
Arab head dress
What is considered the onlly developed country in the region?
What is the ancient name for the area known as the Fertile Crescent?
What is the name of the ancient group in the region that first developed writing?
What is the name of the group who follow religion of ancient Persia?
What is the name of the minority group living in the bordering regions of Iraq, Iran, Syria, TUrkey, and Armenia?
What organization was formed to control world oil prices?
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
What three continents converge at Southwest Asia?
Asia, Europe, and Africa
What was the name of the empire establihsed in Turkey and ruled in that area until it finally collapsed at the end of WWI
Ottoman Empire
Where do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers begin?
Mountains of Turkey
Where do you find most of the oil deposits in Southwest Asia?
Shores of the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) and Iraq
Who was Abraham and Haggar's son?
Abraham and Sarah's son
An Iraqi Christian
Birthplace of Mohammad
Ethnic group
Means God in Arabic
Arabic word for charity
Arabic word for pilgrimage
Arabic word for prayer
The Holy book of Islam
Most associated with the month of fasting
Place of Muhammad's tomb
Medina in the Mosque of the Prophet
Translation of this Arabic word means cube
Five pillars of Islam
Shahada-testifying to God's goodness
Zakat-giving charity
Five historical things about Iraq
What are the times that Muslims pray each day?
before dawn
What percentage of their income do Muslims give directly to the poor?
Men must cover what fraction of their upper body at all times?
men must cover body between naval and knee?
Dietary restrictions of Muslims
pork, blood, alcohol
What does the word Islam mean?
submission to God
The world's largest Islamic country
How many times is Jesus mentioned in the Koran?
Who is considered to be the patriarch of all three montheistic relgions
What year was Muhammad born?
570 A.D.
What is the central miracle of Islam?
The Qur'anic revelation (the Koran)
WHen Muhammad was 40 yrs. old, who appeared before him?
The Angel Gabriel
Name two major sects within Isalm and their world percentages
Sunni and Shi'a.??
In what area of study did Islam truly achieve distinction?
What is the tird holiest cityin Islam?
The first African country to achieve independence after WWI
Apprximately how many countires are there in Africa?
As a result of its current rate of population growth, Africa is becoming a continent of what?
HOw many miles does Africa stretch from NOrth to South?
In many African cultures, a man's wealth is measured by how many __ he has?
In terms of area, where does Africa rank in size compared with other continents
second largest continent in world
In what country would you find the Seregeti Plain?
Most people in NOrthern Africa speak what language?
Mazambique and Madagascar are separated by what body of water?
Mozambique Channel
Group in Africa that are short in stature, unique blood type and yellow-brown skin.
San (Bushmen)
Name this most famous ancient trading center in the dry savanna region
Name two diseases that are a constant threat to Africa
malaria and tuberculosis
Name two other deserts in Africa other than the Sahara
Namib and Libyan Deserts
This city was a center of learning and culture before the Roman Empire.
This is a steep slope capped by a nearly flat plateau
What are the only mountains in Africa that compare to the might ranges of other continents?
Atlas Mountains
What country in Africa has the most metropolitan areas with more than 2 million inhabitants?
South Africa
What is the disease carried by the tsetse fly that attacks people and cattle?
sleeping sickness
What is the traditional belief in nature and spiritual beings called?
What percentage of global adult population with AIDS is in Africa?
What two African countries were not under the rule of one European country or another by 1900?
Liberia and Ethiopia
More than ... million people have already died of AIDS.
HIV/AIDS is th worst infectious castastrope since the ... plague
In our world today there are ...million people living with HIV or AIDS
By the year... there will be an estimated ...million AIDS orphans worldwide.
In India, .... million people are living with HIV?AIDS
IF the rate of infection remains the same in three years, INdia will have ...million peole living with HIV/AIDS
AIDS is now the leading cause of .... in Thailand
Thailand has an estimated 1 million .... workers
Brazil uses more than....of its annuals health budget to treat AIDS patients.
IN the last 10 years, AIDS related deaths have dropped >>>> in Brazil.
More than .....Brazilians are not taking AIDS antiretrovirals.
Every year in India, ....women with HIV giver birth
..... percent of those women will pass the infection on to their baby
If the rate of infection remains the same, by 2010, more than ... million people will have been infected with HIV/AIDS
There is only one doctor for every .... people in Mali
What disease, that causes blindness, affects one-third of all children?
The life expectancy for fremales is .... and males is....
What is Mali's adult literacy rate?
A Muslim man who wishes to take another wife usually seek the ...of his first wife and then must provide for all wives (up to ....) equally.
Unemployment in urban areas can exceed.... percent
Mali is about twice the size of what U.S. state?
THe most important religious holidays are the feast at the end of ...
Mali's first.... is now being built in Bamako.
What is the name of the group that has the responsiblity to recount and sing the great past .....
What is the name of the Malian city that was once the center of Islamic learning.
What is the official languag in Mali?
What percentage of Malians are Muslim?
What river is home to most of Mali's economic activity?
Russia-Name four of the world's largest rivers
What is the world's deepest freshwater lake?
In 1547, ....was the first Russian ruler crowned czar of Russia
....., head of the Bolshevik Party, led the revolt that put the communists in power.
During..., millions of RUssians died in labor camps and from starvation
......eventually took the lives of 25 million Russians.
Russia's largest city is.....
After the October REvolution in 1917m the Communists discouraged all ....worship
Russians are basically ....and usually do not express much hope to a better life in the futre.
Poverty is increasing rapidly; slightly more than ...of RUssians live below the poverty line.
Alcoholism and drug abuse may affect as much as .... percent of the population of Russia.
El Norte
"for the rich, we are nothing but a pair of arms"
"IF they ask, tell them you are from Oaxaca"
"We have no home. THey don't accept us here."
Attempts to gain Rosa and Enrique's trust by telling them "not to give their money to anyone."
Changes into different clothes before leaving the village
Decides not to go to Chicago to take the job
Ends up getting a promotion after Enriques is forced to leave
He is planning to bring in guns to Guatemala
He teaches Enrique how to speak Spanish like Mexicans.
He, eventually, is the one that helps ROsa and Enrique ross to El Norte
Provides the name of a good coyote
Responsible for finding Rosa employment
Seen making tortillas at the beginning of the film.
Shows ROsa how to do her first job.
Suggest that ROsa and Enrique go throug the tunnels rather than through the mountains
Suggest that Rosa go into business with her cleaning houses
The God Mother
The manager of the Lazy Acres Motel
The so-called Chicano
Tries to rob Rosa and ENrique
Without the money from her silver necklace, the trip to El NOrte might not have been possible
"I don't attach any importance to my life anymore. I'm alone. NO, I wanted to come back and to warn you."
"...a cultured, rather unsentimental man. THere was never any display of emotion..The Jewish community in Sighet held him in the greatest esteem. They often used to consult him about public matters and even about private ones.
Loses his will to live when he loses his faith in God
He was almost thrown off the train because the prisoners thought hwe was frozen
"She continued to scream, breathless, her voice borken by sobs. "jews, liste to me! I can see a fire! There are hugh flames! It is a furnace!"
WHips ELie for seeing him with a naked girl
Has an operation on his foot to remove the pus
"He had changed. There was no longer any joy in his eyes. He no longer sang. He no longer talked..of God, or of the cabbala, but only of what he had seen.
...fair hair, well combed, a red coat over her arm, a little girl of seven. The bundle on her back was too heavy for her. She gritted her teeth. She knew by now that it would be useless to complain."
Plays a violin concerto as he slowly dies
Does not realize that his son has abandoned him during the forced march
Hanged in front of the prisoners as an example
SHe was about fifty..Her husband and two eldest sons had been deported with the first transport by mistake. The separation had comopletely broken her.
He forces Elie to give him his gold tooth
Is trampled to death when he can no longer run with all the Jewish prisoners because of severe stomach cramps
He was very poor and lived humbly..Nobody felt embarrassed by him...He was a past master in the art of making himself insignificant
"...a cruel face, but not devoid of intelligence, and wearing a monocle; a conductor's baton in hs hand.." THe baton moved unremittingly, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left.
THe "strong man" who prevents ELie from being strangled on the train.
The only thing that keeps me that Reizel and the children are still alive. If it wasn't for them, I couldn't keep going.
He too had become a comopletey different person. THe student of the Talmud, the child that he was, had been consumed in the flames. THere remained only a shape that looked like him."
THis book claimed (proven aforgery) that there was an interantional Jewish conspiracy to take over the world and destroy "pure" Aryan Christian civilzation.
The section of the city in which Jews were required to live. They were sometimes surrounded by barbed wire and brick walls.
City in Soutwestern Poland newar Kracow near which the most famous and largest concentration and death camp were located.
The Nazi term for their program to annilate the Jews of Europe
SS mobile killing units, who primary purpose was to seek out and slaughter Jews in Easter Poland and Russia
Prjudcie against Jews' dislike of Jews'; discrimination or persecution of Jews

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