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Yalta Conference
-the highest point of American-Soviet cooperate during WWII
-Stalin agreed to enter the war against Japan later in 1945.
-Stalin also wanted to take control of a large portion of Poland. He promised to allow non-communists to enter and to hold free elections.
Taft-Hartley Act
passed over president Harry Truman's veto, the law contained a number of provisions to weaken labor unions, including the banning of closed shops.
The Hollywood Ten
10 celebrities that were charged with contempt of Congress after not answering questions regarding their political beliefs and the beliefs of other celebrities. They were believed to be communist.
Truman Doctrine
President Harry S. Truman's program announced in 1947 of aid to European countries-particiularly Greece and Turkey-threatened by communism.
Marhsall Plan
U.S. program for the reconstruction of post-World War II Europe through massive aid to former enemy nations as well as allies; proposed by General George C. Marshall in 1947.
"An American Delimma"
a book written in 1944 by swedish social scientist Gunnar Myrdal. It was about past, current, and future race relations.
Neutrality Acts
series of laws passed between 1935 and 1939 to keep the United States from becoming involved in war by prohibiting American trade and travel to warring nations.
Scottsboro Boys
9 African American men that were arrested after two white women accused them of rape. One of the witnesses later admitted that the incident never took place. Alabama courts found them guilty in three separate trials by a jury of all white southern men. The Supreme Court later overturned the first two decisions and the boys were let go later.
Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act of 1935)
Established the National Labor Relations Board and facilitated unionization by regulating employment and bargaining practices.
Huey Long
-called "The Kingfish"
-dominated every part of the state politics and later became a senator to congress
-very colorful and popular
-almost ran for president but was assasinated by the son of a man that he had beaten
National Industrial Recovery Act (1933)
passed on the last of the Hundred Days, it created public-works jobs through the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and established a system of self-regulation for industry through the National Recovery Administration, which was ruled unconstitutional in 1935.
Dust Bowl
Great Plains counties where millions of tons of topsoil were blown away from parched farmland in the 1930's; massive migration of farm families followed.
Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
Umbrella organization of semiskilled industrial unions, formed in 1935 as the Committee for Industrial Organization and renamed in 1938.
Grand Coulee Dam
-went into operation in 1941.
-part of the "public works revolution."
-largest man-made structure in world history at the time
-produced super cheap power
shanty towns that poor people moved into as a result of Hoover's poor economic choices.
Scopes Trial
Trial of John Scopes, Tennessee tacher accused of violating state law prohibiting teaching of the theory of evolution; it became a nationally celebrated confrontation between religious fundamentalism and civil liberties.
American Civil Liberties Union
organization founded during WWI to protest the suppression of freedom of expression in wartime; played a major role in court cases that achieved judicial recognition of Americans' civil liberties.
Hart-Celler Act (1965)
eliminated the national origins quota system for immigration established by laws in 1921 and 1924; led to radical change in the origins of immigrants to the United States, with Asians and Latin Americans outnumbering Europeans.
Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)
supreme court decision that, in overturning connecticut law prohibiting the use of contraceptives, established a constitutional right to privacy.
Iran-Contra Affair
scandal of the second Regan administration involving sales of arms to Iran in partial exchanged for release of hostages in Lebanon and use of the arms money to aid the Contras in Nicaragua, which had been expressly forbidden by Congress.
Students for a Democratic Society
Major organization of the New Left, founded at the University of Michigan in 1960 by Tom Hayden and Al Haber.
Roe v. Wade (1973)
U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring states to permit first trimester abortions.
Baker v. Carr (1962)
U.S. Supreme Court decision that established the principle of "one man, one vote," that is, that legislative districts must be equal in population.
26th amendment
lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen
"Silent Spring"
exposed the environmental costs of economic growth.
"The Other America"
revealed the persistence of povery amid plenty.
"The Feminine Mystique"
-awakened the public of feminist consciousness.
-discussed that intelligent women that could have very successful professional careers, but that they were stuck inside the idea that they had to get married and raise a family.

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