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who invaded china in 1936
chinese philosopher who put the group before the individual
the british insisted they only had to follow their own laws in china, what is this concept called
chinese family planning policy that begain in the 1980's
one child policy
this chinese voyager was sent on voyages of exploration that ended in 1433
Zheng He
Mao's failed economic plan in the 1950's was called ..
The Great Leap Forward
the chinese communists were able to take over because they had support of which group
leader of the chinese communist party
where did the nationalists flee to in 1949
Tai Wan
what was the year in which the communists were successful in taking over china
what italian sailor visited china and stayed for 17 yrs
marco polo.
mao put peasants on collective farms called..?
what type of economic system was china after mao's death
the chinese emperor claimed to rule because he was favored by the gods, this is called.. ?
mandate of heaven
year in which WWII ended
that chinese voyager was sent on voyages of exploration that ended in 1433
Zheng He
Mao's failed economic plain in the 1950's was called ..
The Great Leap Forward
what type of economic sysyem was china after mao's death
a massacre of pro democracy protesters took place here
Tianenman Square
type of economic system used in china under mao
what was the rebellion called that took place in 1900
the boxer rebellion
what was the name of the chinese civil war that begun in the 1850's and lasted 14 years
Tai Ping Rebellion
name three chinese goods popular in the west.
silk, tea, spices.
what famous mongol leader conquored china and made it part of his empire
Genghis Khan
what happened when the chinese tried to stop the british from selling opium
the opium war
the brittish began to trade more with china when they began to sell what product to china?
the beleif that your culture is superior is..
anyone meeting the emperor was required to bow deeply.. meaning ?
kow towing
the chinese considered anyone outside of china a..?
the leader of the tai ping rebellion claimed to be related to
jesus christ
type of tactics the chinese communists used when fighting the japenese
the gorilla warfare
name the famous trade route that brought chinese goods to the wast
silk route
what even started the chinese civil war in 1928
massacre of communists
what is the chinese name for a nationalist party
number of chinese political parties today?
what port did the chinese give to the british in the treats of nanking
Hong Kong
Deng Xiaoping modernized the chinese economy through his economic plan which was called
the four modernizations
european nations divided china into special economic zones in the 1800's called
spheres of influence
leader of the chinese nationalist party
chiang kai shek
what is it called when a nation exports more goods than it imports
trade surplus
two capitalist ideas which deng introduced to the chinese economy for the first time were
profits and private ownership
what chinese emperor was the last of the mongol rulers of china
why were the british so easily able to defeat the chinese in the opium war
better technology and weapons
what two allied helped the emperor keep his throne during the Taiping Rebellion?
brittish and pirates
europeans had a trade imbalance with china, what economic policy did this go againts?
leader who took over china when mao died
deng xiaoping
mao sent the country into chaos when he began this movement in the 1960's
the cultural revolution
when the same family ruled china for many generations it was called a

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