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Miller The Killer LCHS AP World History Midterm


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What language was used by scholars and members of the clerk and clergy in middle ages?
What is the reconquista?
The unification of spain under christianity, Ferdinand and isabella drove out muslims
Which foods were introduced to Europe through contact with native american indians?
Corn, potatoes, and pumpkins
Africa had large and important kingdoms during europe's middle ages, name 3 that are and one that is not
Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Carthage is NOT
Byzantine --> The iconoclastic contraversey during 8th century involved conflict between
Overuse of icons
The time associated with shogun, samerii, and dimego in japan was the
Prior to World War !! Japan had never been successfully invaded, who led an unsuccessful invasion 13th century?
Kublai Khan
What is a Eunuch?
A castrated male in a harem
In feudal Japan, wo was the supreme military leader?
The 1st crops most likely planted by neolithic people were
Delhi Sultanate lost control of Northern India when a period of disunity occured following
Mongol Armies invading
The ago of exploration/discovery was a result of
A Search for trade routes to India
3 of the folowwing results from catholic reformations, which did not?

List of dangerous books made
Inquisition Revived
Office of papacy abolished
Organization of church made strong
The Office of papacy was not abolished
Which of the following was not a confucian principle?

Emphasis on proper conduct
Filial Piety
Social Conformity
Individual rights
Individual rights was not
The Mongolians were nomadic people that lived in harsh climate of Asia. What was the basis of their economy?
Animal Husbandry
Name some results of the tang expansion
China actively traded on silk
Cultural diffusion spread
Worried about intruders

but... did NOT gain control of japan... obviously
What were the Swahili coastal states ruled by?
an Emir
What are nomadic arabs?
Islam means what?
Muslims mean what?
one who submits
The journey that Muhammad took was called what?
The Hijrah
Who is the Kaaba dedicated to?
What is the leader of a muslim community?
What are tribes in the Muslim community?
Are more muslims sunni or shi'a?
What is the difference between Suni and Shi'a?
Shi'a believe caliphs must be decendants of muhammad
What are muslim converts?
What were the 3 trouble groups that invaded/led to the downfall of the abbasids?
Seljuk turks, Ottoman Turks, Ottomans
What is the name of the Islamic holy writings
The Qu'arn
What was the first Islamic dynasty?
What was the second islamic dynasty?
Whpo was the ruling force in Eurasia and eventually china in 600-1450?
The Mongols
Who were two groups that ruled West Africa in 600-1450, what was the thing they both did for money?
Mali, sonhay and ghana, they box taxed for trade exchange
What ruling force was in East Africa from 600-1450?
Swahili Coast
Who were two forces in central africa?
Kongo and Zimbabwe
What empire was left after ancient Rome?
Byzantine empire
Name two forces in America during 60-1450
Inca and Aztec
Name 3 chinese dynasties during 600-1450
Sui Tang Song
Name the Japanese force during 600-1450
What was the force in India from 600-1450?
The Delhi Suyltanate
What was the Era of Warring States?
The Era of Warring States was when regional rulers formed independent armies and reduced emperors power
How did Confucian philosophy support the political structure in china?
There was confucian emphasis on political virtue and social o rder
What social system may have hampered india's creation of a bureaucracy?
The caste system
What was the main difference between the Greek and Roman political structure?
The greek had a democracy, Rome had a republic
The Zhou China Dynasty was in what time period?
The classical period
What were the 3 dynasties of china's classical period?
Zhou, Qin, Han
What can be described as 'A blueprint to future society'?
Classical civilization
What was China's 'claim to fame' in the classical times?
China's bureacracy and centralized government
Name two dynasties in India's clasical times
Maryan and Gupta dynasties
Two African societies in order:
Nubia, then Kush (then djenne djeno and Nok)
What was the series of migrations from Niger R. to all over Africa, also the spread of iron, culture, and language
The Bantu Migrations
Who was thomas Aquinas?
A medieval philospher
The first Printing press was what, what did it help with?
The Gutenberg Printing Press, instead of the monks having to write the bibles by hand, they could now use the press
What is the term for ordinary language, the everyday language of the people in a country or region, as distinct from official or formal language
The first major revival of classicism occured when?
During the Renaissance
What is the emphasis on classical studies, or the humanities; a return to classical ideas and furthuring human knowledge?
What art technique developed in the Renaissance
Depth and perception in art
What was the cause of feudalism in Europe?
The invading vikings caused chaos and disorder, feudalism reorganized this
What term refers to the medieval and renaissance notion of the Christian world as a sort of social and political policy?
what is the term used for investiure of the clerics by the king of emperor layman?
Lay Investiture
What is simony?
The buying or selling of any spiritual benefit or office
What is a tax collected by the Roman Catholic Church that was separate from thje king's tax?
A tithe
Which saint developed greatly monastic life?
St. Benedict
What comprised the territories over which the pope was the ruler in a civil as well as spiritual sense?
The Papal States
Wat was the agreement between Pope Calixtus II and Holy Roman Emperor Henry V that brought the first phase of the power struggle between Papacy and Holy Roman Emperors to the end?
Concordat of Worms
Who was responsible for assisting emperor alexus I in launching the crusades?
Pope Urban II
Who were the crusades against?
The Turks
Who led the first crusade?
Walter the Penniless,

Christians vs. turks
What was the deal with the second crusade?
It was led by the monarchs, Europeans lost
What was the purpose of the third crusade, and who led it?
The purpose was to regain holy land from previous defeats, french/english kings and the emperor of rome led it
What are some effects of the crusades on europe? (7 major)
The papacy became weaker, could not control nations

Centralized governments developed

Merchants gained power, nobles lost power

banking got better

Europe gets richer, trade increases

learns more weapon/defense techniques

learned more wealth in medical/literature
What are some negative effects of the crusades on europe? (3)
Lowered tolerance of Muslims,

Lost buffer of Byzantine, open to intruders

Lost pieces of art/literature in battles
What was Byzantine's role in muslim expansion?
It acted as a 'buffer', shielding Islam from spreading into European territories
Who followed the byzantine empire?
The ottomans
What is the greatest surviving example of byzantine architecture?
Hagia Sophia
Why was constantinople important?
It was the largest and wealthiest city, it was the capital of east, it thrived with economy and trade
Who wanted a unified system of laws for the empire, so he collected rome's existing laws and created a single code?
Justinian, Justinian's code... you stupid dumbfuck
Who was the king of the Franks?
King of Lombards, unifyed kingdom of Italy
What mongol captured and pillaged the city of Delhi, cripling the Sultanate?
Timur Lang
Where was Inca ruled from?
What was the legend of aztec serpent gods that coincided with cortez' arrival?
What is the name of the muslim city in spain?
what development made nok a strong group?
What is the position of japanese feudal system with true power?
Who is the great khan and ruler of china?
kublai khan
Who is the syrian governor and umayyad leader who challenged ali for the title of caliphate and split up the regions?
What mesoamerican group followed the mayans and preceded the aztec?
In which crusade was richard the lionhearted involved in?
the third crusade
where in zimbabwe was the center of trade?
the stone house
What was the main native religion in the indian army?
What was the chinese dynasty of mongol rule?
The grand canal was built in this chinese dynasty
the aztecs and incas used this system to gain food stuff
The last empire of india until the Mongols was
Who was responsible for bringing christianity to kiev?
Nubian and kush fell apart and make a city named maryway in what?
the power of axum
What word means nomad, and describes life before islam?
What were the major trade routes in mongol?
the silk roads
What is the small country that defeated the mongols?
what is the form of buddhism that peaked during the tong dynasty?
Zen Buddhism
What were islamic structures which were evidence of Muslim presence in india?
Muhammad rid this holy shrine of pagan idols to form muslim idols
What is the eastern coast of africa? (dominate language and culture)
Who conquered aztec and india?
What was the new philosophy of europe during the renaissance?
What was the golden age of the middle east?
What was the religion with a major impact on africa?
Who was the unifier of Mongol tribes?`
Ghengis Khan
What dynasty was foot binding presnt in?
Song dynasty
What was the edict of nantes?
It was a grant of tolerance to protestants in france
What german monk initiated protestant reformation?
Martin Luther
What was the wave opf religious dissent against the catholic church?
Protestant reformaion
What was the restatement of traditional beliefs in response to the protestant reformation?
Catholic Reformation
What king started what church because he wanted to divorce his wife?
Henry VIII, anglican church
Which french protestant stressed predestination, founded religoin?
John Calvin
What war was fought between german protestants and the emperor of spain?
Thirty years war
What ended the thirty years war?
Treaty of Westphalia
The intellectual movement centered in france during the 18th century is called waht?
In premodern europe, name 7 things that resulted from europe emerging as a world leader
1) world trade became core
2) protestant reformation
4)scientific revolution
5)the enlightentment
6) increase of middle class
7)agricultural revolution
What are huguenots?
French calvinists
What is the term for the belief that the king ruled with God's authorit, king is never wrong
Divine Right
What added to the decline of spain's economy in 1560-1650?
The dutch revolt
What was the famous religious settlement stating german states could decide their religion independantly?
Peace of Augsburg
What was a belief of the anabaptists?
Baptized those only old enough to decide to be christian
What was a belief of calvinism
what was a belief of the anglican church?
It was moderate and acceptable to catholics and protestants
What was the meeting of bishops and cardinals to reform the catholic church?
Council of trent
What pope reformed the catholic church
Pope Paul III
Who founded the jesuits?
Ignatious of Loyola
Which english king was unpopular with parliament because he discriminated against puritans?
James I
Who ruled for the most part on Louis XIII's terms?
Cardinal Richelieu
What two new powers arose in central europe after the thirty years war?
Prussia and Austria
Who ruled at the height of spains power? who ruled at the low point?
Charles the 5th, his son Phillip the II bombed it, basically

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